Innovative EWE Solutions: Creating Redefined Disposable Tableware Suitable for any Occasion

Praveen Sahu,Co-Founder

Praveen Sahu


Going green is becoming increasingly attractive as a business strategy. In our increasingly connected world, consumers are becoming more educated about the environmental impact of a growing population competing over finite natural resources. Most people are more open to less harmful products especially if they are as easy to find and use as other products. Innovative EWE Solutions, headquartered in Mumbai, creates and promotes Natural Tableware which aims to reduce the impact on the environment through natural products. These products are produced with sustainable resources made from plant leaf, palm leaf, and organic leaves. Besides being 100 percent natural, the products are produced via eco-friendly process no chemicals or additives. And, the company makes it sure that it is acceptable to Earth when disposed as biodegradable and compostable.

"Innovative EWE Solutions is a green startup & brainchild of Ashok Sahu and is creatively nurtured by me. We wanted to work towards controlling the plastic waste and reducing damage to the environment through eco-friendly bio-degradable products which are safe for Mother Nature," said Praveen Sahu, Co-founder, Innovative EWE Solutions.
Reliable and Eco-Friendly Products
Innovative EWE Solutions is committed to being highly creativeand socially responsible eco-friendly product manufacturer, achieving customer delight by introducing innovative products with superior quality & reliability at an affordable cost and enhance the organization to compete in the global market. The company produces disposable leaf plates that are made up of fallen leaves. These leaves are taken from betel-nut trees which are grown in hilly areas without any assistance of fertilizers and hence there will not be any trace of pesticides in the leaves.These fallen leaves are collected fresh and then processed to make bio-degradable products. Every product is thoroughly examined for quality so that the customers receive only flawless products. The company's expert quality controller team conducts stringent quality tests starting from raw material procuring in initial stage till the last stage of packaging and dispatching in accordance with customer's specifications.

Innovative EWE Solutions is committed to being highly creative and socially responsible eco-friendly product manufacturer

Furthermore, the unique properties the products possess in nature cannot be matched to other types of alternative products in the world currently. Innovative EWE Solutions' products are natural, biodegradable, compostable, oven-safe, water resistant and can hold liquids both hot & cold, freezer safe and more importantly do not react with food or liquid when used. Additionally, the Areca leaf products are safe in all microbiological testing (like plate count within acceptable limit for food contact, no presence of e-coli, and fungus). Also, the products do not contain any heavy metal which is confirmed through laboratory tests for each consignment. With its products EWE Solutions wants to create awareness amongst people, especially the youth so that they not only stop using plastics that would be harmful to environment but also influence those around them to do the same.

By developing & promoting such products from natural sustainable raw material, Innovative EWE Solutions enhances the preservation of mother earth from pollution and landfill. The company has also emphasized encouraging the government of India in Made in India initiative through its products which will help to generate export/domestic sales. In future, the company is queued with more than 30 products out of which 9" x 9" Clamshell and 9 x 6" Clamshell will be introduced soon.