Innow India: High Quality, Low Cost Water Solutions Under One Roof

Jatinder Bedi,  Business Head

Jatinder Bedi

Business Head

Water and wastewater management is a promising subsector in India’s environmental technology segment. By 2030, it is anticipated that India's water consumption would be twice as high as its availability. To overcome these challenges, public and private sector facilities have ambitious plans to develop comprehensive water and wastewater treatment and distribution infrastructure. The government is also stepping up its efforts with projects like Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, the National Mission for Clean Ganga, the Jal Jeevan Mission, and many more. INNOW being established in 2015 is one of the leading companies in this sector that focuses on providing sustainable and eco friendly water treatment solutions to make a transformative positive difference to humanity and the environment.

The typical challenges faced by Indian consumers include discovering a water solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly while being within their pricing range. “At INNOW we first find the most pressing problems being faced by our society and then find the best possible technologies and solutions from across the globe to address these problems in a sustainable manner. We make the necessary modifications in the technologies to meet the Indian price point and the local requirement. Our solutions are sustainable, ecofriendly and have a positive social impact. We aim to conserve and optimally utilize water resources and take this as a serious challenge and continuously strive to exceed our client’s expectations”, speaks Jatinder Bedi, Business Head, INNOW.
INNOW brings innovative technologies from the US, Europe and Australia to provide cost effective and sustainable water treatment solutions to address the issue of water scarcity in India. The firm’s extensive range of offerings include comprehensive, cost-effective water treatment solutions to all consumers, along with chemical free Disinfection & Chlorination, WAHE Residential Water purifier, Bio Enzymes for Wastewater, Capacitive De-Ionization, Bio Augmentation of STPs & ETP and many more. Leveraging smart technologies that are on the cutting edge of innovation, INNOW is dedicated to meeting the necessary demand for water in India.

INNOW's solutions are sustainable, Ecofriendly & have a positive social impact

INNOW is led by Dr. Lakhwinder Singh, who holds Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and is a renowned scientist with 30+ years of experience in resource recovery, wastewater treatment and beneficial reuse of residuals. Along with this, the company is backed by highly motivated experts who help the firm stand out with their competence, passion, and quality of work. Business Development Officer, Vivek Marwah is a seasoned professional with extensive hands-on experience in promoting cutting edge innovative technologies in India. Jatinder Bedi, Business Head, has 15 years of experience in the water sector serving industrial and corporate customers pan India. The team of 30 engineers from different sectors are focused towards water and waste water treatment only. INNOW's main strength has always been the global technologies they bring to India, which has helped the firm to work along with elite clients like Haldiram, Coca Cola, Marriott, ITC and government clients like IISC, Verka, Mother dairy and many more.

Future Roadmap
The firm’s objective is to connect critical technologies to provide sustainable water treatment solutions in India, resulting in a revolutionary social, environmental, and economic impact. Municipal and industrial sectors are being compelled by new requirements to increase water recovery, attain zero liquid discharge, and lower carbon footprint. With its revolutionary technology, INNOW is well positioned to offer integrated water treatment solutions that assist businesses and municipalities alike in adhering to strict requirements and achieving their sustainability objectives.

Talking about future plans, Jatinder shares,"INNOW is uniquely equipped with innovative technologies to provide integrated water treatment solutions that help industries and municipality comply with the stringent regulations and achieve their sustainability goals. INNOW is well positioned to grow consistently at 30 percent CAGR.”