Intartic Engineering: Launching Innovative High Caliber Products that Sync with the Fast-Changing Mobile & IT Landscape

Ramashish Ray,Founder & CEO

Ramashish Ray

Founder & CEO

As soon as people buy the latest mobile gadget, they enthusiastically wait to explore the associated accessories. As the extra accessories are launched way too late, they unfortunately end-up buying an inadequate, low-quality accessory which instead of adding value to their mobile phone, harms it. This is where Intartic Engineering comes into the picture. Tied up with big smartphone giants including Apple, the company is able to cap the wave early as it knows their new products in advance and manufactures their accessories two months before their launch at its manufacturing unit. For instance, Intartic launched IphoneX accessories in India almost 45 days before the launch.

Incorporated in 2015, Intartic represents the brands Rock, Rock Space and iHave in India, which
are strong brands in China and have presence in Europe & U.S. It is these partnerships and their strong supply chain that enables Intartic to provide innovative products with the best quality and range. Having started its journey as a one-man army, Intartic today has 50 employees spread across India, Singapore and China.

"Intartic represents the brands Rock, Rock Space and iHave in India, which are strong brands in China and have presence in Europe & U.S."

A Unique Methodology
Intartic follows a portfolio strategy wherein it offers mobile accessories (power bank, charger, cable, earphone, headset, wireless charger & more) to tackle this fragmented accessory market. While its price fighter caters to customers seeking low-cost accessories, profit builders like its Lithium-Polymer battery (20,000 mAH) not only give users a long and reliable battery backup, but also enables retailers to gain profit. Delighting its customers, the company launches innovative products on a quarterly basis – a strategy that has enabled Intartic to standout in the crowd.

The company complies with all the government’s rules & regulations such as fire safety & e-Waste management. All its products are BIS compliant, marked with safety
precautions, and are checked rigorously in its factory before launching into the market. “The power bank goes through aging and discharging which means the whole power bank is charged fully and discharged fully over a cycle of 6-8 hours so that we know it would be able to take peak charge and discharging, ”says Ramashish Ray, Founder & CEO, Intartic Engineering. Ramashish is an industry stalwart who knows the rules of the games, having served as the VP of Samsung and worked at Nokia for over 12 years. This explains the startup’s capability to deliver safe & eco-friendly products and its systematic process of discharging all of its e-Waste to government-approved factories.

Not Just a Mobile Accessories Provider – A People-Centric organisation
Intartic has a well defined value system built on four pillars- integrity, learning, engaging, and achieving. It engages the best in managerial training that coaches the employees every six months to ensure talent development, and workshops are also conducted for the skill enhancement of its employees. As an end-to-end business acceleration solution provider, Intartic assists global brands in setting-up business (right from factory setup & growth consultation to sales distribution) in India.