Integrated Enterprise Solutions: Designs & Implements Scalable, Future- Proof Networks with Maximum Investment Protection

Aravindha Krishnan,Managing Director

Aravindha Krishnan

Managing Director

Structured cabling is the foundation of a network. It isn’t like any other equipment servers, network switches, PCs and software which have to be replaced within eight years. A planned structured cabling based on customers present and future, data traffic, architecture and security can serve beyond 20 years. Meanwhile, ever-evolving advancements in technologies create a primordial demand among most companies in India for a future-proof structured cabling solution that cannot only meet their present requirements but address the future ones as well.

Foreseeing this scenario, Integrated Enterprise Solutions Private Limited, a telecom solution provider in India since 2006, suggests and implements scalable future-proof networks in tune with the clients’ current and future needs while creating maximum value and protection for their investments. “Our team holds long-standing experiences in crafting customized designs, products and solutions for a wide range of complex & sensitive networks for campus-wide, manufacturing, and data centers, with utmost diligence and no prejudice towards their brand image,” claims Aravindha Krishnan, Managing Director, Integrated Enterprise Solutions.
Solutions at All Stages
When customers approach at the construction and planning stage of a network, Integrated Enterprise Solutions ensures to deliver them end-to-end structured cabling solutions entailing single point of contact for implementation and support. The firm further proffers clear labelling and documentation for the cabling systems besides integrating copper, fibre & wireless connectivity in the overall network design to assure one-hundred percent backup.

"Integrated Enterprise Solutions also recommends clients to get OEM certification and end-to-end 25 years performance warranty program for the systems post implementation"

Integrated Enterprise Solutions also recommends clients to get OEM certification and end-to-end 25 years performance warranty program for the systems post implementation. On the other side, if customers approach for troubleshooting their pre-upgraded servers, switches, wireless access points and devices, the firm deploys its wide regional footprint and experiences in identifying the missing link that caused the disruption and delivering them expected outputs in less time. The company also assures minimum downtime and operational costs for the clients’ networks by enabling them to predict rare network outrages.

Real-Time Monitoring
Integrated Enterprise Solutions outshines as a pioneer in introducing intelligent systems into the clients’ networks to monitor each patch panel and cable, thereby generate real-time notifications over the internet, pertaining to cabling faults /disconnections and cable removal
/insertion (even at remote sites). Once this system gets plugged into the client’s network, the former creates a database of every component (active & passive) along with its location which enables planning & monitoring besides instant MACs (Moves, Adds & Changes) via complex algorithms. Moreover, every IT asset in the network like power, space, temperature, batteries, cabling systems, active network devices, computers/servers, cooling devices and many others are seamlessly monitored for capacity and utilization. Once the requisite changes are incorporated into the network, they get recorded and can be audited later.

The Team Par Excellence
The team stays abreast of the innovations in products, technology, solutions and their practical applications by gaining insights from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and associating with the world's eminent OEMs. This has made the team to play a prominent role in implementing intelligent cabling, physical layer management and other advanced technologies into the structured cabling services. They are habituated for task based execution to deliver customer commitment. In a nutshell, these experts are helping the firm to achieve its prime goals of becoming a one-stop for customized solutions across complex networks for various industries and emerging as a novel solution provider in aviation & defense industry while engraving a strong presence in providing connectivity where common solutions are unavailable.