Interstellar Testing Center: A Premier Food Testing Facility with Superior Technical Competence

`We are what we eat', this popular belief validates the importance of quality food consumption. To promote and protect public health, by the meticulous supervision of safety and quality of the food, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) came into existence. Responsible for updating and upgrading the quality of food, FSSAI encouraged the accredited and certified food testing labs to inspect eminence of food from various aspects such as chemical composition, calorie value and nutrients. With the main objective of testing and eradicating contaminants, toxins and residues, food testing labs are ascending new heights in India by incorporating newest technologies to maintain standard quality of food processing industry.

With such insights, the Interstellar Testing Center (ITC) stepped in the market in 1988 with a vision to contribute in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. An NABL* - ISO / IEC 17025 accredited lab, ITC has been a trusted name in the industry supporting clients for the quality and safety of their products since inception. With over three decade's experience, ITC is a renowned name recognized for providing value-added services to the customers which include high-quality laboratory testing, inspection, and auditing. Owned and managed by young entrepreneurs Antaryami Nayak, Dr. K R Gupta, and Kamal Grover, who are professionals from multinational backdrops in the areas of QHSE, ITC is hailed as one of the largest third-party testing and consulting laboratory in India.

Encouraged by the inventiveness of Govt. of India towards food fortification, the Interstellar Testing Laboratories provide a range of services in the Food and Agriculture industries, in an enlarged way including, dairy products, baby foods, fruits and vegetables, poultry and meat products, chocolates and many more. Regarded as one of the diversified establishment among its competitors ITC Labs offers a broad range of parameters for testing and analyzing of food such as nutritional value, sensory analysis, acid profiles, vitamin analysis, allergen
testing, additives and preservatives, antioxidants, enzyme activity and many more, before delivering quality output.

Considering technology and experience as one of the important aspects of growth for the company, Interstellar Testing Center possesses a highly evolved and trained R&D team, for developing new components through innovation. "We believe that technology is the backbone for our success and by continuously investing in it, we work on a single platform by connecting our labs technologically. And that is has been our biggest investment over the last three years. Apart from it, the sturdy background of experience with the MNCs prior to the establishment of the organization helped us to understand the clients better and serve them better." claims Kamal Grover, Co-Founder, Interstellar Testing center.

Kamal Grover,Co-Founder

With its skilled manpower backed with its state of the art modern equipment, ITC ensures that the products are tested in most accurate, fastest and economical way. The lab operates with a well-developed quality assurance process and customer-centric approach to offer a holistic solution beyond testing, inspection and certification for the products and services to its clients in India and Internationally.

Interstellar Testing Center possesses a highly evolved and trained R&D team for developing new components through innovation

Aspiring to be in the league of global multinationals by 2025 with more than 1000 employees, the Interstellar testing lab is currently focused on to set up labs in eastern west of India by basically covering the entire geography of India. Apart from food and beverage testing ITC Labs is successfully exploring a diversity of services in areas such as pharmaceuticals, water and environment, textile, helmet, and building materials with a goal to penetrate further into furniture, leather accessories and inspection services.