iSAT Network Engineers: Customized electro-mechanical solutions for EHV test laboratories

Sudhanshoo Agarwal,Director - Marketing & Sales

Sudhanshoo Agarwal

Director - Marketing & Sales

iSAT, a fast-growing EPC company holds a special standing with its technological strategic partnership with world’s leading personalities and companies who believe in innovation and prototype development specialized in pulse power technology. The iSAT familycomes with a well-reputed business background of more than six decades. Originally started as a Proprietor Concern by its founder in 2001, iSAT was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act of 1956, in the year 2006.

iSATis known to provide turnkey solutions for high voltage, high current short circuit labs and customers willing to set up in house type test facilities. With an in-house team working on global design and engineering, the solutions by iSATincludes the complete interfacing of electro-mechanical equipments, current measurement, data acquisition and automation system.

The criticality of iSAT’solution lies in its ability to handle the dynamic fault currents as high as 150kA for 1sec symmetrical and peak level upto375kA for 1sec asymmetrical; besides creating the contacts of 3phase breaker to close within a voltage phase angle of 15degrees. The precision of this test is measured on highly sensitive non-inductive coaxial resistors within an accuracy of +/-0. 2 percent and a response time of 800ns or better with no phase angle shifts. The application
and precision, which is very critical to record the transients in case of a short circuit testing of Transformers and Turbo generators is used for testing the electro-mechanical stresses in windings. “Our designs and solutions are well compliant with IEC 60034-4 EDITION 3.0 2008-05 and have been appreciated by key players in the market including Toshiba JSW, BHEL, GE, Siemens,” states Sudhanshoo Agarwal, Director – Marketing & Sales.

Designed and manufactured by their strategic partner -Etna Industries - France, iSAT uses the most advanced hydraulic drives and actuators in the set of global installations.

All the projects undertaken are well connected with cloud computing. This makes the project monitoring, planning and operations, the most versatile system of the company. “Our commitment to deliver the project in-time under extreme work pressure of our customers comes with quality, strong documentation and safety,” Agarwal mentions.

Quality Sanctioned & Technically Sound Equipments

Designed and manufactured by their strategic partner -Etna Industries - France, iSAT uses the most advanced hydraulic drives in the set of installations. The quality of the switches and current measurement system is ensured under the strict manufacturing quality plan. The components and equipments for the global system are type tested for their design under load in STL approved test labs.

In fact, the equipments are designed in such a way that it can operate trouble free as long as the practices adopted by the users are well within the operating principles of IEC. A standard warranty of 18months on equipment from the date of supply or 12months from the date of commissioning is given on every equipment. “We believe in strong supplier-customer relationship and we are more than happy to support our customers not just for product but share our expertise on the testing procedures and improvements possible from our intellect point of view,” says Agarwal.

ISAT is duly focused on technology and product innovation. With the company’s revenue escalating to $4.5MUSD for the F/Y 2017-18, currently team is targeting the acquisition of established technology companies for the future.