Jhanvi Innovative Solutions: A Rapid Growing Industrial Suppliers offering 3M Electronic Products

 Rahul Verma,     Founder

Rahul Verma


Quality is the most integral part of any business and maintaining quality while delivering goods is one of the vital aspects when it comes to distributorship businesses. The distributorship business falls under an array of businesses despite there being a large number of competitors in all markets. Though it is competitive, the industry still permits many profitable new participants to indulge and bring out actions as well as results. Therefore, a sound business plan is needed to build an effective roadmap with excellent entrepreneurial steps to transform a unique idea into a successful distributorship model. However, the process in any industry starts with manufacturers producing goods and retailers selling the end products, while distributors being the medium to meet both ends add a lot of value to the process.

Being in the distributorship business since 2016, by offering 3M and Portwest products to different electrical and electronic manufacturers, Jhanvi Innovative Solutions has created a niche in its distributorship business model. Mr. Rahul Verma, the key person of the company with his team at Jhanvi Innovative Solutions is thus creating great distributorship models to continue supporting other industries as and when needed. The company is now becoming the fastest growing industrial supplier functioning to create excellence in the
whole sale market with the belief in pursuing business through innovation and technology. It is a certified and authorized distributor of two most renowned companies in their field i.e. 3M and Portwest. It is comprised of a team that has several years of industry experience, and a highly motivated set of specialists as well as industry experts. Jhanvi Innovative Solutions LLP offers quality products and services to exceed and stand by the expectations of its customers. It is a customer-centric business offering respect and trust to all its customers helping them grow with the suitable products that they need for their businesses. It integrates honesty, integrity, and business ethics for its business functioning.

Our goal is to lead the industry by providing enhanced products and services along with maintaining a strong relationship with our clients

“We are seeing great opportunities from motor manufacturers EV battery manufacturers, telecom companies etc. as motors are nowadays being mostly used in vehicles.Therefore, with the growth of the automotive, consumer electronics and telecom industry, we are growing with our supplies. Our goal is to lead the industry by providing enhanced products and services along with maintaining a strong relationship with our clients,” Rahul says. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, products that support in run ning and functioning of EVs are distributed to the manufacturers by Jhanvi Innovative Solutions LLP. EV manufacturers are now keener to develop more advanced vehicles as the price hike in petrol saw a significant shift happening towards motor vehicles.

“We expect that there will be a huge requirement for electronic or electrical components in the industry with the rise as the automotive industry is now moving to EV and the government is also focusing in bringing new policies towards running EV more. If rebates and discounts are now given to the EV manufacturers along with good set up or serving stations for EV is made then a good growth would take place in our functioning as well,” Rahul adds.

While serving a huge number of clients including Samsung, Nidec, Battrix and many more, Jhanvi Innovative Solutions has the mission to build long-term relationships with its clientele. Thus, it strives to improve exceptionally in its space of specialization and distributorship.