JJ Waste Solution: Comprehensive Recycling, Industry-specific Waste Management & Sustainability Solutions

Jaikrishan Gaur,Managing Director

Jaikrishan Gaur

Managing Director

The waste management market is changing at a speedy rate due to the rapid urbanization infrastructure of the country. The growth in this market is majorly driven by the globalization and growing need for a pure clean hygienic lifestyle concept. Delhi-based privately owned JJ Waste Solution is an emerging promising company that provides innovative waste management solutions. One of the largest waste management companies in India,JJ Waste Solution is maintaining close productive working relations with their clients and delivering cost-productive and most efficient services. ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified JJ Waste Solution is mainly concentrated on the Home and Community waste management and Industry and corporate waste management with an efficient manpower source holding to collect and segregate the wastes. The most delicate section of the area in this business sector is the capability of speed maintaining in the Pickup and processing facility of the company, However, JJ Waste Solution is playing a keen successive role in this area establishing the firm as one of the top players in the field. The wide encompassing reach of JJ Waste Solution is helping the firm to maintain its balance through the COVID-19 pandemic situation without any compromise.

Handholding Clients End-to-End
Delivering the vision of green clean earth to the market of waste management sector JJ Waste Solution is proving the environmental ethics towards the particular market sector. By trading the Automatic and Semi-Automatic compost machine, Bio Gas Plant, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, and Sanitary Napkin Incinerators as per the requirement of clients, JJ Waste Solution acquired the top leading position of the service provider in the Delhi/NCR region. JJ Waste Solution holds a flourished Manpower resource to carry out the waste collection, segregation, Machine Operations, AMC/CMC of Machines, etc. While evaluating the client’s requirements and services provided by JJ Waste Solution, a clear picture of the delivery of end-to-end solutions for Municipal Solid Waste Management is derived. Comparing with the same trade companies which provide an end-to-end solution for waste management, JJ Waste Solution is lending machines on rent or EMI. The company provides major services such as Trading of Machines & different sizes of dustbins, manpower for the management procedures, and AMC/CMC & Operators of Machines. Commenting on the quality parameters maintained, the Managing Director, Jaikrishan Gaur says,“ To maintain the productive aspect of a company, systematic procedures should be followed, such as daily reports, quality checks, and regular feedback analyses without any fail. These follows ups are adhered by us which puts us on top in the waste management field”.

Delivering the vision of green clean earth to the market of waste management sector JJ Waste Solution is proving the environmental ethics towards the particular market sector

JJ Waste Solution holds certificates such as Stellar Jeevan (Greater Noida), Nirala Aspire (Greater Noida), Gaur Saundaryam (Greater Noida); for each. In lieu of future upgrades in JJ waste management, the company is trying to place a new venture by working on a new mobile application for the user-friendly access of customers, wherein they can easily respond and share their feedbacks and service requirements.

Founded in November 2017 with a revenue of INR 85,000, JJ Waste Solution closed its revenue at INR 2.14 Crores in 2020-2021. The firm is empowering its own resources to project INR 4.5 Crores in this current financial year.