JK Bima: Specialized in Distributing Crop Insurance to Non-Loanee Farmers

Anuraag Kaul, Whole Time Director

Anuraag Kaul

Whole Time Director

Agriculture in India is highly susceptible to weather risks exposing farmers to potential loss of livelihood and crop failure leading to thousands of farmer suicides. It is necessary to protect the farmers’ investment from natural calamities. Insurance companies do this by providing crop insurance. Unfortunately, only the upper layer of farmers having access to formal credit systems get the benefit of these insurance covers whereas the actually poor and needy non-loanee farmers who should get this security, are ignored. This is where the relevance of organizations such as JK Bima emerges. JK Bima.

Born in 2003, JK Bima caters to customers on 3 pivots: Rural, Direct Broking (B2B)and Re-insurance. Breaking away from tradition, the company working with farmers, reaches to the bottom of the pyramid arranging financial security for the poor
agriculturists mostly ignored by traditional channels such as banks, & insurance employees.Over the past nine years, With offices in NCR & Mumbai the company serves clients in B2B (Hindware, Greenlam, TISS, Fortis and others) arranges international reinsurance for Indian insurers and has served over 300000 non-loanee farmers in 123 districts.

JK Bima’s experts facilitate claims on behalf of its farmer & corporate clients smoothening the entire claim settlement process

“For us rural markets are an article of faith. It gives us an emotional connect. Simply wearing black coats and doing insurance consultancy in air conditioned offices is not fun! The sweat and relevance of working for the poor makes us relevant,” says Anuraag Kaul, Whole Time Director, JK Bima supported by a team comprising of Orindam Sen COO, Satvinder Singh Head of Rural Distribution & Finance,& Shivani Kohli Parashar, Head of Corporate Marketing.

Crop Insurance for Farmers

Even today,a large number of farmers are ignorant about the
benefits of the crop insurance scheme as no one guides them how to insure & claim for their crops despite the huge push provided by the PMF BY launched last year by the PM. Majority of insurance companies are acutely reluctant to cover non loanee farmers, as it involves lot of tedious work. JK Bima’s experts facilitate claims on behalf of its farmer & corporate clients smoothening the entire claim settlement process. “In certain cases especially related to natural calamities, we even need to coordinate and be present in extreme weather conditions as delay will only harm the farmers, asserts Anuraag.

These unconditional efforts of JK Bima have led to recognition by way of awards such as Utkrisht Marketing Award for innovation in Rural Marketing & Skoch Order of Merit Award for Rural business in 2017. Focused on empowering its employees for client satisfaction, JK Bima trains them internally & externally in India & Abroad on various subjects exposing them even to the London insurance markets. “Arising out of the introduction of the concept of point of sales (PoS) by the Insurance Regulator, we are gearing up to appoint 30,000 PoS over the next four years to distribute Crop, Health and Motor insurance in rural areas,” says Anuraag.