Jubilee Shipping & Forwarding: Timely & Secure Global Logistics Solutions

Nanda Kumar,Founder & Director

Nanda Kumar

Founder & Director

The major requisite for a trustworthy logistics organization is to be able to perform timely and safe deliveries of cargo. Delivering on this is Jubilee Shipping & Forwarding, a Bangalore headquartered provider of forwarding and logistics services. Possessing specialization in end-to-end supply chain management solutions along with intercontinental air freight and ocean freight shipments, the company is committed to upholding deadlines and safety of cargo under all circumstances. Founded in 2000, Jubilee leverages its in-depth industry knowledge and state-of-the-art IT systems to globally render integrated door-to-door services tailored to its customers’ individual needs.

Efficient & Secure Processes
“Strict adherence to delivery dates is critical in our industry,”exlains Nanda Kumar, Founder & Director, Jubilee Shipping & Forwarding. The firm upholds the timelines promised to the clients through a well-planned approach. Taking into account unforeseen circumstances, the company sets delivery dates including cushion time and thus avoids rollovers or delays in
delivery for all its cargos.

"Jubilee has built a comprehensive roster of services and solutions to cater to clients’ every transport and logistics requirement"

Additionally, Jubilee also ensures the safety of its cargo through its efficient and secure procedures. Clients are provided with a ‘one-time lock’ when the goods are loaded from the client’s location. This lock is unlocked only when the cargo reaches the customs departments. Once the custom inspection is complete, the shipping line provides another one time lock where the number is transmitted to the customer through a document called ‘Bill of Landing’ in case of a sea shipment and an ‘Airway Bill’ in case of air shipment. “This process avoids the chance of any theft or pilferation during transit of the goods,” adds Nanda. Owing to such commitments, the firm has worked with prestigious clients such as Aditya Birla Group, House of Hiranandani, Prestige Group, PM Relocations, Crown Relocation, and various other builders and architects among others.

Dependable Services
The transport and logistics industry is complex owing to the frequent occurrence of various unforeseen obstacles. Having built the capability to deal with every conceivable challenge, Jubilee has built a comprehensive roster of services and solutions to cater to clients’ every transport and logistics requirement. Experts at freight forwarding services, the company combines the road/ocean feeder services with air service or vice-versa. Armed with contracts
with major shipping lines, the company is able to provide highly cost effective services. Being an IATA licence holder also helps Jubilee pass on the cost benefit to its clients.

The firm also helps expats with its dependable relocation services. Through its end-to-end services including booking, brokerage, freight, transfer, transport and door delivery, Jubilee aids clients in relocating their home or office to the new location successfully. “Unlike most firms that only deal in the commercial sector, we also cater to household goods, which is one of our specialities,” explains Nanda. Additionally, the firm also renders console shipping solutions to clients that require sending of smaller cargos.

Exclusive Customs Clearance Solutions
Another critical part of Jubilee's service portfolio is custom clearance. Unlike various other logistics providers, the firm holds its own licences lending it an advantage over its competitors. Equipped with an inhouse team of customs experts who receive training at regular intervals, Jubilee helps clients handle the complex procedures and compliances effectively.

The customer centric organization that had a humble beginning has today become one of the leading providers in its industry. The firm is now looking to expand to other locations like Vizag, Hyderabad and Mundra in India along with Sri Lanka and Singapore. Jubilee’s effective solutions and services will inevitably lend the company with the accelerated growth that it foresees.