Just Green Leaf: Equipping Natural and Biodegradable Products with Style

Sunitha Rani, Founder

Sunitha Rani


We all are well aware of the fact that plastic is ruling the world. The waste material in oceans and seas consists of 80 percent plastic rendering a major threat to animals and even humans. In many ways this is becoming a health problem too, given the aquatic animals consuming it and eventually reaching to humans' diet. To avoid this degradation, the concept of eco-friendly products has been introduced. As per the Environmental Professionals Network, using these products can benefit the society socially, economically and environmentally, while preserving the public health at large. The global population is aware of the repercussions of climate change and other environmental issues. This calls for an urgent demand for eco-friendly products.

The market is emerging with alternative eco-friendly products for almost every thing possible, which can be used to contribute to the environment. Just Green Leaf, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a fastgrowing manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly Jute bags and natural products made of various eco-friendly materials. Just Green Leaf is part of a renowned ad agency, Think Grey. The company has the corporate office at Hyderabad, with an inhouse manufacturing
facility driven by dedicated designers and marketing professionals. Just Green Leaf's manufacturing facility includes complete infrastructure facilities for cutting, printing, stitching, packaging,and checking, all under one roof.

Just Green Leaf's jute bags are specially made from soft and shiny vegetable fiber available in customized print patterns and style

"Just Green Leaf is a proprietary concern started with the primary aim to promote natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly products made of Jute, and cotton, and should be affordable and available for common people as an alternative to plastic", explained Sunitha Rani, Founder,Just Green Leaf.

Jute- as a Savior of Environment
Jute is a natural fiber, popularly known as the golden fiber. It is one of the cheapest and the strongest of all natural fibers with inherent advantages like luster, high tensile strength, low extensibility, moderate heat and fire resistance and long staple lengths. Due to these advantages, it is highly biodegradable and eco-friendly. Also, Jute has many advantages over synthetics and protects the environment and maintains the ecological balance. Just Green Leaf's jute bags are specially made from soft and shiny vegetable fiber available in customized print patterns and styles. The objective driving the efforts is to motivate people in using Jute bags by making them available at a reasonable price from worldclass to a local class. The company has expertise in producing world-class export products as well as daily local use products.

Furthermore, the company does not restrict its products to jute bags only. It intends to stretch to other products, such as soft luggage, greeting cards, Festoons (wall/door decorative hangings) and other innumerable useful consumer products as per customer requirements. Just Green Leaf's sole vision is to replace jute bags with plastic bags and also increase jute bags utility from common man to International standards. Additionally, the company's mission is to satisfy the requirement of customers with respect to quality, cost, and reliability, by providing best quality jute bags that will yield total customer satisfaction throughout the globe.