Jute Cottage: Handling Franchisees from Selecting Location to Running it Smoothly

By Nasreen Khan, Founder,Bilal Ahmed, Co-Founder

By Nasreen Khan, Founder

Bilal Ahmed, Co-Founder

Our Earth is suffocating and needs a fresh breath of air to revive itself. Plastics are truly choking it, causing havoc in the environment with disastrous effects on plants and animal species. Hence, it is time we turn the clock back and start using biodegradable products like jute (the golden fibre), cloth and paper. But as we all aspire to have fancy and modern products, do jute bags fit the bill? You will not have any doubt if you once use JUTE COTTAGE products that are made of jute. Not just jute bags, the company also offers wooden handicrafts, gifts, mural frames, pottery, terracotta masks, metal handicrafts and ethnic jewellery.

JUTE COTTAGE was born out of the passion to redefine and elevate the image of jute to a fashionable and stylish material. Hence, it crafts each design merging traditional designs with modern sensibilities. This is how JUTE COTTAGE has been transforming the space since 20 years of opening its first store in Bangalore, which today has grown to 11 franchisees spread across Bangalore, Pune, Coimbatore, Madurai and Nagercoil. Not to be surprised, most of these franchisees are its regular clients who saw the benefit of going eco-friendly and contributing towards creating better world.

The Helping Hands
Due to its unique product picks that are constantly upgraded to keeping pace with the contemporary trends of the market, and its in
house manufacturing of jute bags & accessories at its workshop in Bangalore that ensures product delivery within short span of time (say even 48 hours), JUTE COTTAGE has become a brand to reckon with.

“Our pricing is very competitive and affordable to the customers with no compromise on the quality and workmanship of the products. Despite this, we provide a handsome profit to our franchisees (40 percent on all products),” explains Nasreen Khan, Founder, JUTE COTTAGE.

“We are looking at like-minded entrepreneurs to take our vision of ‘Save Our Planet’ forward. We are focused and committed to delivering world-class top-of-the-line products that are set to meet evolving design challenges,” adds Nasreen.

JUTE COTTAGE not just provides the product, but walks with the franchisees in every step of their journey. From helping them select the best location to establishing the store, leveraging its experience, the company guides them on each point. It further helps them with interiors and fit-out fixtures of the retail store.

From helping franchisees select the best location to establishing the store, leveraging its experience, JUTE COTTAGE guides them on each point

Further, JUTE COTTAGE has devised a system in place to set-up and run the retail stores. The products are bar coded, and the ERP software connects all franchise stores with central headquarter server, thus ensuring the sales data are synced in real-time. This enables JUTE COTTAGE to check all sales & stock reports of any franchisee from its head office and then replenish in shortest possible time the fast moving products based on stock and sales reports generated by the software.

“The differentiating factor of our brand is that we do not have any direct competition with any brand in India. Our brand is unique and requires very less investment,” explains Bilal Ahmed, Co-Founder, JUTE COTTAGE.

All one needs is a space of 250-500 sq.ft. and an investment of Rs.20 lakh. As the investment isn’t huge and the benefits are humungous, the company adds around two-three franchisees every year. But it has rolled its sleeves to grow this number to four.