Kaay Labs: Consulting Laboratory for Early Stage Ventures

Krishnan Naranapatty,Founder & CEOStartups indeed wave the bliss of dynamism and vibrancy. We all know that working in a startup is an immense learning process. It pushes the employers to explore various appellations, roles and mould them as entirely a professional individual. If that is the case with startups, then imagine the temperament of a company that works for hundreds of such startups, think of the sonority spread by a startup that provides ideas to redefine a budding company's stature. One of the recognized names those posses all the aforementioned nature of a brand is Kaay Labs- a brand that works with companies to build their labs, where innovation is made to further their business objectives. The company while revamping enterprise ideas and helping brands to scale also pays keen attention to the employees' life. While it provides an opportunity for the staff to deal with several startups, it supports the overall growth of its manpower in various aspects. With additional beneficiaries beyond standard startup perks and flexible work culture, it shoves the resources to work beyond job definitions.

The company focuses on start-up firms that are bootstrapped, angel-funded, self-funded or VC funded. Its entire work revolves around building teams for the firm or building their products from inception to production. It builds next game-changing products for the ever-changing scenarios of the tech-driven world.

Kaay Labs offers end-to-end support to young businesses and amplifies its status in society. "The essence of the success of social media lies in the fact that we are all
social beings with a compounding thirst for technology and an infinite curiosity about the digital universe. Our excellence in curating custom created social apps is sure to keep your audience engaged, excited and asking for more. It is, but natural, for a business to embrace this tool as a dynamic channel of expression," says Krishnan Naranapatty, Founder & CEO.

The dedicated team of the company is sure to guide the customers through the shifting demands of social media, to be that next trending hashtag or viral GIF. Apart from portraying the presence on social networks it also concentrates on providing services through mobile apps. "Live information, real-time updates and evolving approaches to problem-solving have long replaced the passé duties of our virtual companions of merely exchanging phone calls and SMS. Whether it is to streamline weekly to-do list or pacify your pedantic customer with the assuring updates of progress, we will demonstrate just how to outsmart that smartphone," he exclaims.

Eyeing the future, kaay labs aims to grab the tech trends and work on AI & ML to enhance the operations

Kaay Labs is undoubtedly a complete tech-enabled brand that lever-ages cloud computing and uses it for radicalized system administration, cost and efficiency, giving a level playing field for organizations, big and small. It follows business value-driven approaches and strategies to help companies transform their operating models, business functions and business processes with mobility. "We value customer's time and the only way to bridge the gap is, by literally, carrying your world with you. Keep pace with the demanding conditions by driving your business strategies and approaches with mobility," he informs. It follows a very open culture where one can find people with real drive to learn and work on new technologies, ideas and solving complex problems thus creating a value based work culture with a lot of fun working sitting next to the beach in Chennai.

The company assists the clients to harness the power of customers' voice and also drive them to help and influence each other to positively impact your revenue and profitability. It believes that the key to delivering the right results lies largely in the multifaceted understanding of the client. With advanced data science methodologies & data analytics, it gets a detailed comprehension of the requirement and serves the best-fit offering to its clients.

Kaaylabs works with some major players in Innovative logistics, Advertising and Smart audio broadcasting companies based out of U.S and Switzerland. With an expert team and out breaking tech innovations, Kaay Labs stands ahead in the market. Eyeing the future, it aims to grab the tech trends and work on AI & ML to enhance the operations.