KABHI B: A Pioneering Egg less Baker

Ajay Kariwala, Director, Shashank Chokhani, Director,Vaidehi Chokhani, Director

Ajay Kariwala

The love for bakery items is now in the open. But most bakeries offer egg-based products, which restrict the vegetarians to keep their taste buds at bay. But with more people bracing vegetarian food, the demand for eggless bakery items is on a constant rise. Modelled primarily around large demand for purely vegetarian (eggless) breads and bakery products, KABHI B (brand name under KANHAI FOODS) surges ahead in the industry recognizing the paradigm shift in consumer aspirations and behaviour. This Ahmedabad-based food confectionery company has been a pioneer in setting-up Gujarat’s first automatic eggless bakery.

Starting in 2003 and constantly refining its model of bakery outlets, KABHI B has spread across Ahmedabad along with 31 other cities of Gujarat with more than 96 outlets, looking at crossing 100 this year. KABHI B is well known for its innovative offering of Cakes & Pastries, Cookies, Cream Rolls, Muffins, Breads, Chocolates and much more. “Our innovative products, attractive presentations, impeccable service, use of best ingredients, rigid quality and above all, being 100 percent eggless resulted in quality processes & foods,” boasts Ajay Kariwala, Director, KABHI B. The company has across the state uniform pricing policy and offers quick delivery and customized products.
"To maintain the consistency of the product’s nature, appearance, taste and quality, we came up with the first ever model of Mobile Kitchen"

Baking Cakes & Spreading Sweetness Around
Consistency in all aspect of the business – especially in taste and quality – leads to success. “To maintain the consistency of the product’s nature, appearance, taste and quality, we came-up with the first ever model of Mobile Kitchen, consisting of Hub‘N’Spoke model within a geographical area to enable standardization of products,” asserts Shashak Chokhani,

Shashank Chokhani, Director

Director, KABHI B. The company’s single centralized kitchen in Ahmedabad helped it in developing & standardizing new products & also worked as a training centre where all the Chefs are trained and sent to the mobile kitchens. Partly prepared products like sponge cake are sent from the centralized kitchen to the mobile kitchens where final preparations of products take place. This helped KABHI B in eliminating huge refrigerated vehicle transportation cost while catering over five counters in nearby areas, especially in Tier-II & Tier-III cities.

To build a stronger brand image, the company resorts to utilizing the latest technology in the form of imported sheeters and cookie depositors, along with a fully automated cake line that would provide a distinct quality of
products to its customers. This ISO 22000 & 9001 certified company has a stringent quality test for each product manufactured in the company and leverages well-trained quality control personals to produce quality products. None of the products hit the market without passing through metal detectors. This is why the company has been catering to clients like Café Coffee Day, Big Bazaar, D Mart, Reliance Hyper, Walmart, Indian Railways and has outlets even in domestic and international airports of Ahmedabad, and has won awards like Times Food Award 2019 for Best Cake Shop, Excellence in Innovative Bakery Products by My FM, Best FMCG Food Brand Manufacturer (Gujarat) by National Icon Awards, and many more.

To stay abreast in the industry and keep track of the various demands of the market, KABHI B keeps participating in various food expos like Aahar and Gulf Food Fest as an exhibitor. The company looks ahead to take the brand beyond the Gujarat boundaries to neighbouring states of MP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. “We have opened our first out-of-state outlet in

Vaidehi Chokhani, Director

Udaipur Rajasthan. We want to take our products PAN India through our FMCG products and also internationally of which we have already started exports to Canada and few gulf countries. Our motto is ‘we bake a world of difference and spread sweetness around’,” mentions Vaidehi Chokhani, Director, KABHI B.