KABHI B: Satisfying the Sweet-tooth of a Vegetarian

Ajay Kariwala, Shashank Chokhani & Vaidehi Chokhani,DirectorsSpecial occasions gain fulfillment with cakes and confectionaries. But we all might know that one person who would be reluctant to savor the moments just because they are a vegetarian. They stand at the bay, looking at the egg-based products! Aligned to this, the demand for eggless bakery products increased overtime. How-ever, the misconception of `egg-less cakes is tasteless' still prevails. And, here is KABHI B to prove this assumption wrong.

The Ideation
KABHI B, a successful venture of Kanhai Foods Pvt Ltd, was built to meet the growing demand for purely eggless bakery products. The confectionary brand is known as a pioneer in setting up the first automatic eggless bakery in Gujarat. Under the aegis young leaders Ajay Kariwala, Shashank Chokhani, and Vaidehi Chokhani, the company embarked on the mission to define a class of its own in the domain of bakery goods and services.

The brand is being loved owing to factors like authentic eggless products, tantalizing cakes, value for money, reliable and prompt service, innovative and customized varieties of cakes, fast delivery service, high-quality standards, proper hygiene levels, and for the most satisfactory taste served in sweet delights.

"We have observed exponential growth with 83 outlets spread across 27 cities and 290 locations of Gujarat. This proves the deep under- standing of the consumer needs, and an innovative marketing approach to fulfill it most satisfyingly," remarks Ajay Kariwala, Director.

“Our hub and spoke model has ensured that strategically placed kitchens supply fresh cakes and pastries to these outlets twice daily. Developing the supply chain and production forecasting in such a perishable product with an un-predictable demand pattern is the trade secret behind the enduring growth story of KABHI - B,” says Shashank Chokhani, Director.
An Edge in the Market
Some foods make people feel on top of the world, the products of KABHI B just does that. Its innovative offerings of Cakes & Pastries, Cookies, Cream Rolls, Muffins, Bread, Chocolates, and much more are stunning and drool-worthy! It has also added some spicy snacks to the portfolio like Chilli Garlic Bites, Butter Garlic Bread, Noodle Patties, Chatpata Patties, and others.

Shashank Chokhani, Director

The company's quest for excellence in all processes took shape in being the first company to get an ISO and International Food Safety certification. Since the inception, it has gained many awards and recognitions such as the National Icon Awards for the Best FMCG Food Brand Manufacturer (Gujarat), The Times Food awards for three consecutive years, Entrepreneur Award 2020 "Best Retail Cake Brand”-By India News (Gujarat), and more.

Vaidehi Chokhani, Director

"As an ISO 22000 and ISO 9001, we have taken measures to serve the best quality products to our customers with stringent quality checks at each point. Our products are regularly exported, so we even have FDA registration and HALAL certification. We have our inhouse lab and Quality control team that works 24 X 7," mentions Vaidehi Chokhani, Director.

KABHI B is an ISO Certified and a CRISIL MSE-2 rated company, portraying exquisite work in the field of bakery goods and the high-quality standards that it maintain at all time

Relishing the Future
The ambitious plans of the organization include the ramp-up of outlets to 100 in this year and the launch of the Flagship Stores with live bakeries, custom made cakes, and a choice of packaging in the form of Bake Studios. It is also looking at aggressively enlarging its export market after successfully Exporting its Products to the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, South Africa, Congo, and Few other Countries. The immediate plans are to extend the Brand KABHI-B to neighbouring states and then take it Pan India in the upcoming years.