Kallyfso Café

Ganesh Gote, Sachin Survase,Founders

Ganesh Gote


Indian QSR market has seen exceptional growth during the past decade and the sector continues to expand at a fast pace. It is projected to grow at an average of 10 percent over the next five years and this growth can be attributed to the high percentage of the young and working population with rising disposable incomes. The availability of organized retail space has also helped the industry to encourage the growth of local and international brands across different formats. Yet there are some areas that can be improved including formulating a standardized food safety strategy by focusing on quality management, the integrity of products, food defense, traceability standards and the regular review of supply chain risks. Offering top-notch products at pocket-friendly rates in a good ambiance is Kallyfso Café. The unique idea for creating a one-off QSR entity that is well recognized and has immense growth potential led to the establishment of Kallyfso café.

Operating With the Philosophy of Not just `Me-Too'
For every QSR the market growth depends on its reputation. In the case of Kallyfso Café, reputation is maintained through the mouth to mouth publicity. In just four years of existence Kallyfso Café has created a vogue for perfectly blended food items and beverages among the food lovers. By satisfying the taste buds of the customers the café has forged a loyal group of valuable and trusted regular visitors, who voice in favor of the exquisite services provided by the café, thereby maintaining the market reputation. "`Have It Your Way' is the implemented philosophy here in Kallyfso Café which has helped us to uphold ourselves and put a clear daylight between us and the rest in the market," avers Ganesh Gote, Founder, Kallyfso Café.
Giving importance to minimizing the investment (Minimum Required Investment) of the franchisors, Kallyfso Café offers end-to-end franchise services which includes market research and spotting the right location, menu formation and finalization. "Locating an empty shop followed by the decision of starting a Kallyfso Café unit based on certain parameters like customer engagement probability is what we do first. During this period, we train the employees. We welcome ideas from employees and ensure that they realize their self-worth. After that, a vendor is arranged for supplying raw materials for daily operations. Franchises get assistance through in-house built billing software that is used for inventory management, expenses, incomes and cash inflow & outflow. Our growth hacking team does marketing on social media. We are also trying to tie up with some investors who can finance these franchisees," says Sachin Survase, Founder, Kallyfso Café.

Sachin Survase, Co-Founder

Kallyfso Café started in 2016 in New DP Road, Kothrud, Pune resting its business on three pillars ­ Persistence, Patience and Pride. Gradually, the café got stronghold in the market because of its efficient marketing team. Within a short period of time Kallyfso Café has built a distinctive platform for independent entrepreneurs wanting to achieve success and business growth. In 2018, January Kallyfso Café gave a record number of online deliveries from the Kothrud area. Witnessing the record numbers, Kallyfso Café increased the food items and reinvented some dishes.

In just four years of existence, Kallyfso Café has created a vogue for perfectly blended food items and beverages among the food lovers

The very next year in March, Kallyfso Café applied for a new trademark and received it registered, which allowed the café to franchise QSRs. On the first attempt, Kallyfso Café established two outlets in Navi, Mumbai and Jamnagar, Gujarat and the same year in December the third outlet in PCMC, Pune (Rama Equator mall) was started by Kallyfso Café's undefeatable team.

Aiming to stand out as one of the best and faithful franchises operating in the Indian QSR space, Kallyfso Café has plans for becoming independent suppliers of quality raw materials. Also, setting up a kiosk in the corporate infrastructure is there in the minds of Kallyfso Café's brilliant team members.