Kedia Organic Agro Farms: Father-Son Duo Shaping a Healthier Society

Nitin Dinesh Kedia,OwnerThe words `Organic' & `Natural' is becoming the new `thing' in every aspect of our lives. From cosmetics to furniture, we hear these words associated with almost everything. Same is the scenario with the food sector. The organic food sector is witnessing continuous growth worldwide. Also, it has now become an industry of million-dollar in India. The reason behind which is the rising levels of health awareness among the people. With more people looking to get away from chemicals to find that natural way of living, there is no wonder why many call it the next big industry. Contributing to the industry with the same goal to serve the society by growing & distributing natural & organic alternatives to replace chemically grown & genetically modified food products is Kedia Organic Agro Farms, a Mumbai-based organic farmer.

Under the headship of Nitin Dinesh Kedia (Owner), Kedia Organic Agro Farm today is credited as the top Farmer in the category of organic wheat-grass, ayurvedic plants, leaves and various organic produce in Mumbai. But, the actual seeds of this renowned farm were sown by Mr. Dinesh Om-prakash Kedia (Nitin's father & Founder of Kedia Organics) in the 90s. Though farming was started by him as a stress-busting hobby, the vision of Kedia Organics
started to grow when Nitin's cousin was detected with cancer. "After conducting some research, my father found that wheatgrass could be helpful in containing the spread of cancer through the body, and even my family witnessed the same in the case of my cousin's treatment," states Nitin. Consequently, Mr.Dinesh started growing and distributing wheatgrass to the near and dear ones. However, things took a solid shape when Mr. Dinesh started to get orders in commercial level, and this is how he established Kedia Organics as a dedicated organic firm in 2002.

Offerings & Differential Factor
Kedia Organic's product portfolio encompasses a wide range of organic food produce including fresh vegetables, fruits, grocery & grains, nutrition powder & seeds, and A2 dairy products to name a few. Besides, the farm also covers a range of cold-pressed organic juice of Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Tulsi, Giloy, Ajwain, Costus Igneus and more. To ensure the utmost quality, all of the produce are either procured directly from the certified farmers hired by the organization or are grown on Kedia Organic's own farm. The firm follows Zero Budget Natural Farming practice and strictly focuses on the natural growth of crops without adding any fertilizers & chemical-based pesticides or any other elements that can harm the produce. Not just that but the farm also explains the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to the farmers to ensure the efficiency of the operations.

We aim to achieve the optimum level of client satisfaction through our transparent processes, while eliminating the link in-between

But what differentiates the farm from other industry players is its focus towards empowering farmers by implementing a B2C business model, while maintaining a high level of transparency & traceability in its business processes for customers. "Leveraging our B2C business model, consumers can get the products directly from our farmers. By doing this, we aim to achieve the optimum level of client satisfaction through our transparent processes, while eliminating the link in-between. Also, our farmers get the best price for their produce. It's a win-win situation for all of us," states Nitin.

The Kedia Organic team today comprises of 60+ skilled professionals along with 100+ dedicated farmers. The farm also has a dedicated mobile app through which consumers can get the product without any hassle. "In the coming future, we want to help more farmers to grow and flourish while aiming towards improving the quality of life by improving the quality of food," concludes Nitin.