KGN Lights: A Unique Entity Ensuring Business Excellence Is Achieved Through Constant Innovation

Ashish Goyal,Director

Ashish Goyal


The global LED lighting industry is valued at 54 billion US dollars in 2019 and the market is set to grow at a CAGR of 13.4 percent from 2020 to 2027. The Indian LED lighting market is also booming and more and more companies are entering the industry on a regular basis. One pioneering name in the Indian led light manufacturing space is KGN Lights, a name renowned since 2015, which is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) & ODM (original design manufacturer) manufacturer providing complete lighting product solutions.

Their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped KGN Lights to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market. Based out of Palgahar, Maharashtra, KGN Lights is headed by young & energetic industry stalwarts Nadim Khan, Director and Ashish Goyal, Director, Mr Manoj Goyal, Founder, has got immense industry expertise and business acumen which has helped the company to always stay on top of their game.

Manoj Goyal, Founder

A Pioneering Business Organization
To cater to the varied requirements of the industry, KGN have previously tried their hands at LED bulbs & led battens Lights and subsequently created a diversified product portfolio that has four different segments including home solutions, office solutions, outdoor solutions and the newly launched Rimless series of products. Under the home solution category, the company offers LED downlight, LED panel light, LED surface downlights and LED spotlights.

In the office solution segment, the company is providing LED Industrial battens, LED COB downlight, LED tiles & commercial surface fittings Finally, under the outdoor solutions segment, the company has different products including. LED flood light, and LED Bulkhead This diverse product list has also helped KGN Lights to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes some of the A list Brands of the Indian lighting industry. Now, KGN is focused on commercial indoor LED lighting products and their upcoming products include LED streetlights & LED strip lights.

India LED Manufacturing - Beyond LED Bulbs & LED Battens (4ft Tube Lights)
When asked about the inception story and the uniqueness of the products offered by KGN Lights, Ashish adds, "We have been going very strong in line with the `Make in India' campaign, Also we have been successful to innovate the new designs of overseas products and offer the same top-notch products to our Indian customers. This has helped us to offer products that are completely made in India but still has the premium design that the Overseas products have been offering.

Through us, our customers are able to get products that they would have to previously import from other countries. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and all the products that we offer are BIS certified which showcases the quality of the products that we offer.
Our strategy is to offer the best value for money products to our customers and that itself is our USP. Also, our customers will not be able to get the products that we offer from any other manufacturer in India. Our products are unique in terms of design and functionality and are not generic commercial products. We also make sure that our products have no hazardous parts and one can easily reclaim most of the parts that we have in our products in an environmentally safe way".

KGN has heavily invested money in moulds and facility enhancement to match the production level of Chinese factories and align the design innovations from the Chinese factories. It has used its sister concerns for outsourcing jobs like plastic injection moulding to achieve complete quality control of its products and offer best market prices by having complete backward integration of it products.

A Standard Bearer
KGN Lights has been awarded on numerous occasions owing to the quality of their products and when asked about how the company is able to achieve this, Ashish says, "We do in-house research and innovation to constantly improve the quality of our products. Also, at the start of each month, we select a particular theme and we work on that and this helps us to improve on a consistent basis and innovate constantly. If any of our employees have an idea, then we will sit and discuss it together to develop that idea. Apart from that, we also have yearly quality reviews and audits.

Nadim Khan, Director

We also make sure that we give back to the community on a regular basis and even during the pandemic, we have created IR thermometers and distributed it in the community and we adhere to all industry safety protocols and guidelines when it comes to manufacturing thermometers. We take this same approach in all our normal manufacturing process and owing to this, the products that we offer is of the highest quality". KGN has the incomparable state of the art lab setup with quality equipment, where different types of tests can be conducted in house for validation and development of all existing and new products.

Salman Khan, Chairman/Managing Director

Also, as of now, KGN Lights has two manufacturing units and two offices in India as well as an R&D center in China and going forward, the company is on track to add another manufacturing plant with a size of 20,000 sq.ft and a central warehouse of 30,000 sq.ft both these units will be functional by the end of this financial year and will help increase the manufacturing capabilities by 2 folds.

Our aim is to control the end to end manufacturing of our products by enhancing our facilities & localizing them by implementing backward integration

Manoj Goyal, Founder, KGN lights
He has been part of the lighting industry since the last 25 years and his experience of manufacturing products and his foresightedness are the foundation of KGN Lights, his marketing techniques and experience are the real strength of KGN Lights.

Nadim Khan, Director, KGN Lights
Having immense practical & educational knowledge on business administration, Nadim khan is largely responsible for shaping and building the organisation and also is the backbone for major R&D and marketing activities.

Ashish Goyal, Director, KGN Lights
Learning from the practical knowledge of this industry and from the experiences with his father, Ashish Goyal is heading the global purchase and overseas operations and believes in relentless execution of the new ideas.

Salman Khan, Chairman/Managing Director, KGN lights
The go to person for all problems, Salman Khan is a true leader in terms of team building and execution. His passion and commitment towards the organisation is a real asset for KGN and the same is showcased in his work and ideas.