Khelo Fantasy: Exciting Rewards for One & All

  Santosh Smith,    FounderFantasy gaming in India has become much popular in the recent past and the easy-to-access platforms have got a big role to play in this. This is particularly because of the user-friendly applications that allow wider access and convenience for all age groups. The bonus is the instant cash rewards provided by the gaming companies who thus motivate more people to get on board. Khelo Fantasy is one such user-friendly gaming interface that is built for the Indian masses to explore and challenge their gaming limits.

Even with a slight interest and knowledge about cricket, one can easily participate in Khelo Fantasy. The game is designed with the intent to provide an exciting gaming experience that also supports winning exciting awards while playing. Thus, supporting their tagline – “Dil Se Khelo, Jamke Jeeto!” Khelo Fantasy provides exciting prizes in form of cash and products. The UI is designed with the utmost ease of convenience and transparency that enables instant cash-outs. Khelo Fantasy is a FIFS member that makes the process set and followed accordingly with the set norms of the body.

Minimum Friction in Registration

At Khelo Fantasy, the ease of usage is such that the users can register themselves in just 20 minutes with minimum friction in the registration process. Once the user signs up, he/she can select from 3 sports available on the platform vis-a-vis cricket, football, and
kabaddi. Then the user has to create their best team, select a contest based on entry fee/competition/winnings. Throughout the entire gaming duration, the APIs of providing real-time data that ensures instant updates to the user community. Users can win from cash to products to coins.

KheloFantasy dedicates itself to 2 main aspects - User Experience and TSE (There is Something for Everyone). User experience supports an end-to-end experience from signing up on the platform to winning. The user experience starts from technology (i.e., website & mobile app) to operations and goes right up to the customer service experience. It works on the latest platform like React Native to provide a seamless experience.

Users can win from cash to products to coins. KheloFantasy dedicates itself to 2 main aspects - User Experience & TSE (There is Something for Everyone). User experience supports an end-toend experience from signing up on the platform to winning

The second front emphasizes TSE and the idea behind it is to welcome one and all. There are 3 types of contests, C4C (Cash for Cash), (C4P) Cash for products, F4C (Free for Cash/Products/Coins) to ensure that it caters to all kinds of users. The users end up winning cash, products like a four wheeler, bikes, washing machines, audio devices, apparel, etc., and redeemable coins.

Product-Based Giveaways Inviting Brand Participation

In a competitive space like fantasy leagues, KheloFantasy is successfully carving a niche for itself and simultaneously staying focused on building a loyal consumer base. It stays upfront with innovations and upgrades to cater a wide audience and in this respect, it is taking a step further towards making multiple regional languages available on the platform. With increasing female response on the platform, Khelo Fantasy plans to target this segment through female oriented give aways.

It also plans a remarkable growth due to brand participation on the platform as it provides an exciting opportunity to sample, exhibit, and create awareness for the brand's product or service. The future lies in deeper penetration in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. “The market is all set to explode with technological adaptations like 5G and Khelo Fantasy plans to capitalize on it at the right time. We want all our users to win something at the end and there is a reward for everyone”, concludes Santosh Smith, Founder, KheloFantasy.