Kintetsu World Express India: Moving Clients' Business Operations into the Fast Lane with Comprehensive Services

Karthi Baskar,Deputy Managing Director

Karthi Baskar, Deputy Managing Director

As the world is shrinking into a village, logistics stands as the linchpin at the heart of the global economics, facilitating trade and, by extension, ensuring the success of business operations. More and more corporations are actively expanding their Supply Chain Management on a global scale, wielding various strategies like expanding their corporate client-base and overseas relocation of manufacturing hubs. However, streamlining logistics management has become a Herculean task due to the ever-changing consumer demands, evolving client expectations and the complex business models. Logistics management is turning into a multi-layered job, where managers are expected to keep tabs on multiple supply chains simultaneously.

Resultantly, the consolidation within the industry has gathered immense momentum, and the demand for customized end-to-end transport solutions are through the roof. Against this backdrop of logistics revolution, Kintetsu World Express India (KWE) is playing a key role in shaping the transport solutions of tomorrow. KWE provides comprehensive one-stop services and door-to-door solutions that incorporate domestic & international air freight forwarding, international sea freight forwarding, domestic & cross county trucking and full range of logistics services, which include Warehousing & Customs Brokerage to provide Optimum Distribution solutions to its clients on a global scale.

The unique element that singles-out the company as a reliable partner to bet on lies in its commitment towards genuinely striving to further increase corporate value by delivering quality services that meet its client’s needs and earn their confidence. Underscoring the salient features that have facilitated the company to make its own mark in the Indian logistics market, Karthi Baskar, Deputy Managing Director, Kintetsu World Express India, says, “We use best of technology resources along with strong customer understanding with one of the best employee resources in industry service deliverables in committed turnaround time along with compliance in cost-efficient ecosystem”.

Fueled by Innovation
KWE India was setup in India in 1997 and currently possesses a 425 people strong workforce spread across 23 locations in India. Still relishing its growth phase, the crux of the company’s steady growth is pinned on the fact that it operates through its strategic direction from its global headquarter at Japan through medium-term management plan. This helps the organization to understand customer’s perspective, achieve operational excellence, and integrate through its subsidiaries & joint ventures (such as APL Logistics and Gati) with organization focused sales & volume target aligning to internal product mix & market commodity growth. In fact, KWE has been experiencing far greater attention from the surrounding world whenever it launches new models for eco-friendly cargo transport, customized solutions, new IT systems and so forth, which enable it to penetrate in the market and attract greater attention from customers.

A One Stop Shop
The company’s comprehensive range of air freight & sea freight services encompass many types of cargoes ranging from factory facilities and ultra-precision machines to products to be sold at mass merchandisers and event-related equipment. KWE, as a part of its comprehensive freight forwarding operations or as a separate ancillary service, provides logistics services that include warehousing before and after delivery in line with customs clearance timetabling, as well as distribution processing such as
sorting, labeling, packaging and product inspection.

“Our clients have been increasingly using outsourcing lately with the aim of rationalizing distribution and reducing costs. KWE, as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, provides a wide range of sea freight services that include not only LCL and FCL provision, but also an arrangement of cargo transport by conventional ships,” shares Karthi. What makes KWE an organization’s favorite choice is that it promotes communications with stakeholders and discloses corporate information accurately & appropriately. What’s more! The company is also committed to comply with external regulations, wherein compliance monitoring and assessment are built into all levels of its business.

"We use best of technology resources along with strong customer understanding with one of the best employee resources in industry"

Leveraging Local Knowledge
Transportation rules, regulations and security norms can vary from city to city, state to state, and quite obviously, from country to country. Keeping-up with these varying rules & regulations and familiarizing the staff with these can pose a grave challenge for a business catering to a global clientele. KWE collaborates with efficient audit teams to adeptly eliminate these pains and improve its compliance, audit results and lead to quality investigations, thereby saving its clients from the trouble of getting on the wrong side of the law.

Anywhere there is the potential for the government to step-in and requires a company to fill-out paperwork or prepare for an audit by an outside party, the supply chain will slow down, as shipments are set aside to be inspected and cataloged. Hence, knowing how to conduct business among the ‘local’ markets with clear knowledge of their particular culture is extremely important. Realizing this, KWE invests significant time and energy in understanding these aspects while pursuing an overseas venture. “Conducting business in foreign markets is achievable if the business is flexible enough to work within the local laws and regulation guidelines,” affirms Karthi.

KWE reviews diverse aspects, including Labor & employment laws, Duties & treaties, Restrictions (import & export laws), Corporate organization practices, Investment & business procedures, Dispute resolution, Trademark requirements, Customs laws & regulatory requirements, Limitations on currency repatriation, Tax laws on products, services & conducting business and Producer/distributor liability provisions. The company is not only certified with ISO 9001-2015 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS) and ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) to cater all these requirements, but also has an extremely vigorous Internal auditor & external audit done with reputed agencies to review and ensure all compliance are followed and measured regularly.

Furthermore, KWE has engaged the right consultants with expertise in critical areas such as customs, legal, register of companies and Taxation to guide the company to maintain compliance. “We study and understand customer requirements, build a strategy in compliance with law and attach information technological tools to deliver and meet customer expectation,” delineates Karthi.

Nurturing a Highly Competent Team
The most significant benefit clients derive from the company revolves around the competence of KWE team, who are trained to understand & integrate customer requirements in order to deliver service consistently through best information technology tools. This does wonders to the client’s organization in terms of adding cost efficiency and attaining transparent end-to-end visibility. KWE firmly believes that providing an environment where all employees can maximize their abilities will lead to the company’s development. Hence, it has established Internal Training to provide business education for all employees in which external trainer, internal trainer and senior colleagues who are appointed as Trainers play a leading role.

Technology plays a major role in increasing efficiency in KWE. Its robust ITsystems provide timely updates regarding the
timely updates regarding the movement of goods. KWE informs the operator and the client regarding Live Tracking & updates, the goods dispatched from the supplier, Procurement of the goods at the warehouse, and lastly, the delivery of the goods at the destination. The company anticipates that Digitalization will play a major role in its growth both in terms of software-driven process change using ITS, RPA, Blockchain & AI, and machine-driven process changes utilizing warehouse automation, electromobility and warehouse support AR-VR.

"Aiming to join forces with the fourth Industrial revolution, KWE is currently focused on creating a sustainable integrated end-to-end solution model"

Aiming to join forces with the fourth Industrial revolution, KWE is currently focused on creating a sustainable integrated end-to-end solution model. But without growth, there is no sustenance. Hence, KWE intends to obtain AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) license, which accelerates growth in all-in-one solution. KWE has recently expanded its overarching transport services further by providing Buyer’s Consolidation (sea freight consolidation for particular single purchaser) that combines both commercial & physical distribution, as well as an equipment delivery & installation service for clients establishing new manufacturing facilities abroad. In future, KWE will not only strengthen these existing services, but also provide a full range of ancillary services related to these activities.

The company that anticipates a 35 percent growth in the top line this year is employing efforts to achieve a market share of three percent by 2020 in India. Moreover, arrangements are underway for heavy investments on state-of-the-art warehouses for furthering its 3PL business to the next level. “As the logistics industry evolves, we would like to contribute to the upcoming logistics policy and legal framework in terms of ease of doing business,” concludes Karthi. KWE, aiming to be a true Global Logistics Partner, continually asks itself ‘How can we provide optimum solutions from order to delivery?’ and sees its mission as providing clients with the best possible product distribution solutions in order to maximize their corporate value. It’s this commitment that propels the company to soar to greater heights.

Key Management:
Karthi Baskar, Deputy Managing Director
Industry veteran with 25 years behind him, proven leadership managing organization with consistent growth, building customer centric solution, empowering people, digitization and change management.

Bangalore (Headquarter), New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and 18 other locations countrywide

Client Testimonial:
“Your work culture and professional ethics represent some of the best businesses in the industry. We value sincerity for business and your company has been an epitome of professionalism and transparency in operations. We consider your services as an added asset to our company and we wish to continue this association in the long run. Your prompt problem-solving solutions, analytical skills, out of the box thinking and result oriented services have been of great help for our company. This has helped us grow in our industry and build our reputation as a reliable firm”.

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•CII Scale Award 2015, 2016 & 2018 – Eminent Position under Freight Forwarding Category
•Hewlett Packard India – Certificate of Appreciation 2017
•Toyota Boshoku India – Service Appreciation Award 2017-18
•Cathay Pacific Cargo – KWE Partnership & Support for 2016-17 & 2017-18
•Thai Airways – KWE Outstanding Performance and Support to Thai for2016-17 & 2017-18
•Etihad Cargo – KWE Contribution and Support in 2016-17 & 2017-18
•Ethiopian Cargo – KWE Contribution and Support in 2016-17
•Employer of the year from CEO Magazine in 2018-19