Krafting Minds: Where Astute Minds Drive Corporate Win-Folds

Himanshu Soni, Smitha Soni & Harsh Soni,Founders
Harsh Soni, Smitha Soni & Himanshu Soni,
Given the fact that millennials occupy 64 percent of the workforce today, corporate cultures are under the pressure for proffering positive reward-based work environments, rather than following conventional norms. However, bringing this change within the corporate culture could be a daunting task; therefore, new trends in the event management stream have drifted towards introducing event-planners within corporate spaces to augment employee performance, ultimately boosting the company’s turnover. Dedicated to cater to precisely this with fervent zeal, pocketing the right capital, and mastering the art of managing events, is Krafting Minds (LLP company) a 2013 established, Mumbai-based company. High-tech, event-marketing & designs, venues and destination-events boxed into passion, drives the crux of these professionals who proffer corporate celebrations, yacht parties and exhibitions with tactful event-planning and designing services round the clock. Specialized in crafting-out events of enduring grandiloquence with over 150 options to choose from, Krafting Minds is the best one-stop-solution to all the answers of housing an occasion.

Headed in partnership by Smitha Soni, Harsh Soni& Himanshu, Soni (Founders),
Krafting Minds offers spectacular well-knit services to business conferences/seminars, product launches, corporate anniversaries, marketing programs and more. Profiling a vertical stage of operations for its specified divisions, the company stands at an all-seasonal benefit of organizing events, unlike its peers who focus on particular categories. A highly efficient team of in-house designers and fabricators pillarize the coordination and execution of Krafting Minds’ objectives, earning it reliable tie-ups with suppliers dedicated to the services of the company’s agenda. Aiming to sustain the morale of corporate worlds, Krafting Minds captivates its audience marking it foremost on the list of exclusive top-notch event management companies. Moreover, the company’s unique screening process is especially curated to obtain detailed information on clients’ needs and event requirements.

"A highly efficient team of in-house designers and fabricators pillarize the coordination and execution of Krafting Minds’ objectives"

Indomitable Services
Encapsulating all the aspects of corporate events, Krafting Minds proficiently organizes business events such as seminars/conferences, BTL activities (product launches) and MICE, and recreational functions like annual off-sites and departmental parties. Besides, it organizes thrilling boat/yacht high-end parties on the Gateway of India located in Mumbai, as well as Goa. With unparalleled competence in staging domestic and international exhibitions, the company propounds designs for these exhibitions capacitating felicitous equipment with skills to carry out execution as well. For its superior quality services, Krafting
Minds receives customers from Tokyo, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, while nationally entertaining customers from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi & Ahmadabad.

Thanks to its tie-ups with major five-star hotels and resorts across India and abroad, clients can have an array of options to choose from. Drawing spotlights on customizing local and international weddings, the company bedecks its brochure with the proficiency of arranging exquisite destination receptions and weddings, under a dedicated service titled ‘The Wedding Swaggers’.

Eventfully Progressing Beyond Tetrad Bounds
With a growth of almost 100 percent annually, Krafting Minds adds another feather to its cap called the 12 month corporate calendar that aims at developing a company as a ‘great place to work’ by encouraging innovative employee engagement. Corporates get to choose any 12 programs from the list of 150 events that fit their motive. On-going plans in hosting events under the umbrella of Fitness & Entertainment are underway with the ‘Sweat on Street’ season-2 kicking in soon, while collaborations with schools/colleges for educational tours are also under progress. Further progressing in availing banquets, Krafting Minds proposes international destination-weddings for Thailand, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bali & Turkey, additionally surging-up the entertainment event-frenzy through ‘adventure segments’.