Laeflix E Business: An E-Auctioning Market Maker Dominating The Southern Terrains

Nandha Kumar M., Mohan Raj GP., Jackson Jayaraj D., Kingslin Pravin Jude S. ,Founders & PresidentsThe burden of idle assets can be financially intriguing, yet it's often psychologically challenging to shrug off the burden. To stay malleable to market demands, replacing old setups with new technology serves to be inevitable. As far as disposal is concerned, no other company would want to book a loss without a fair bargain. Consequently, Leaflix E-Business has stepped in to provide a class-apart tender auction service to levy the trouble.

Leaflix provides strategic scrap management services to monetize obsolete assets at the right price, aiding companies to reduce large cash outflows upon timely renovations. The righteous assistance Leaflix is followed by an effective and efficient e-Auction process, to speed up the price negotiation process after effectively capturing the current market sentiments.

"We belong to a class of e-Auctioneers to bid-off ferrous and miscellaneous scraps, discovering the best market price in the shortest possible time", stated Jackson Jayaraj D., Founder & Director.

Fetching Fortunes
It's uncommon among the existing scrap bidders to stay available at every disposal, right from scrutinizing the tender, to bidding for the offer until it's sold to a potential buyer. Leaflix is known for the round-the-clock benefits of its scrap management solutions
and acts as a two-way boat to cater to auction services. The management has spent over a decade in custom tender auction services accommodating a consort of potential sellers or buyers, exhibiting a fair barter for the Leaflix registrants with zero redressals.

Furthermore, Leaflix specializes in both forward auctions to provide disposal options as well as reverse auctions to follow up with procurement solutions for frugal buyers. The transactions are based on online bidding events (OBEs) and sealed tenders whereas its digital presence has extended the routes to connect sellers and buyers to PAN India. But it's extra careful with Price actions and market traps, allowing only eligible participants who fulfill the criteria to engage in the auction.

Verification of participants is not the only yardstick to enter the scrap auction league. "As soon as the customer requests service, our field officers visit to examine the items, identifying whether or not they contain hazardous or non-hazardous materials before setting up an auction", added Mohan Raj G. P., Founder & Director. In a way, it also helps to rationalize the decision of whether to make the items in the market.

Nandha Kumar M., Founder & Director, in charge of an organization's financial activities. They provide financial reports, keep an eye on the business' finances, and offer investment plan advice. They collaborate closely with management to develop and put into action strategies and plans that will help the company achieve its long-term goals

We belong to a class of E-auctioneers to bid-off ferrous And miscellaneous scraps, Discovering the best market price In the shortest possible time

A True Market Maker
Providing liquidity against tradable assets is the stern vision of Leaflix. Initially, there were not more than 10,000 buyers, but within two years Leaflix has 25,000 registered buyers to stay connected at all times. For an effective bid-ask spread, it has exhausted all measures to park the best media advantages to maintain connections among the clients.

Since the year of inception in 2020, the E-business has occupied more than 50 percent of the southern market of India, catering to 85 percent of the companies surrounding the e-auctioning business. Kingslin Pravin Jude S, Founder & Director, concluded by sharing, "In the future., Leaflix is expecting a PAN India presence and will be the first contender in the e-Auctioning market of India to achieve the forecasted reach".