LappyStore: A Professional Company Dealing in Refurbished Business Computers that Are Durable, Cost-Effective, with Extended Warranty & After-Sales Support!

Najmal Hashim,Founder & CEO

Najmal Hashim

Founder & CEO

While many people out there can afford to buy brand new computers, a lot of the others unfortunately cannot really afford to get a new one. Purchasing refurbished items is a great alternative for people and businesses to get their hands on the latest electronic gadgets and at an extremely affordable price bracket.

Refurbished Computers is a unique business 'Sustainable Business' model that paves the way for many budding entrepreneurs today. As the demand for these products are gradually increasing, several digital stores now sell refurbished computers across the country.

LappyStore is one such digital superstore that deals in refurbished computers used by large corporates such as Microsoft, Oracle, mostly imported at the right price, without compromising on the quality or service to their customers. Being a solopreneur, Najmal Hashim after months of research on refurbished computer industry in various states of India started with sale of a single used laptop in 2019. He realized the potential in this area and started by creating a website for with the idea to educate people about the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of choosing a refurbished computer over a new one. "The initial challenge involved was to identify a business model for refurbished computers as this is not a popular industry in India, unlike most countries especially in the US, Europe and South East Asia. In India, it is mainly run by hardware vendors and computer repair shops who have very little idea about the technology orcared about customer experience," Najmal says.

Najmal started identifying refurbish computer suppliers in Bangalore and other states to support in delivering computers
based on customer requirements. Idea was to create a business model with 'Zero' capital investment and operational overhead. Working out of this 2-Bedroom apartments, he was able to provide these refurbished computers at most competitive price and after-sales services. He started connecting with consumers over social platforms and networking sites, mostly educating them about the benefits, pros-n-cons of buying refurbished computers. More than 80 percent of our business comes through customer references, word of mouth and online reviews.

At present, the store is associated with some of the largest Startup Communities, Business Networks, MNCs, Government Organizations, and Educational Institutions across India in supplying basic to high-end refurbished computing machines.

"We at LappyStore believe in a highly sustainable business model by reducing our operational costs. We have achieved this by holding zero-stock and sourcing from chosen certified refurbishvendors. Having no physical store means no-rent, no-employee-salary, no-operational costs. Our strength has been our faithful customers who has been vouching on our services and will always be our pillar of strength. We strive to make people's lives a bit better, with best of our ability, through a bit of compassion too" Najmal adds.

LappyStore source these machines through its preferred partners who are pioneers in the refurbishing industry from the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Singapore high-quality imported refurbished machines.

"We have been getting a lot of traction in the Education sector, especially with the reopening of Schools, Colleges and Universities across various states. We recently finalized a large order for a University in Mangalore with desktops to setup their computers labs for students. It made sense to them when they are getting Dell business computer models at 1/4th the price of a new one," says Najmal.

We aim to promote Reuse, Recycle and Reduce in a sustainable eco-system both in the consumer and commercial space­says Najmal

Having more than 20 years of experience corporate in Education, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, and Government, Najmal focuses on creating a positive impact on people's lives through innovative, cost-effective, and out-of-the-box IT and sustainable Business Solutions in today's challenging times. Having worked with large MNCs like Microsoft, Price Water House Coopers, Standard Chartered Bank in India, the US, Europe, and the Middle East he looks to enrich vision, expand beyond technological and professional boundaries, and explore new areas of growth and achievement.

With a roadmap to expand and build its presence in tier-II & III towns and villages across India, the store is set to build skill development and set up refurbishing centers in these remote locations to provide employment opportunities, especially to the women community.