Learning Spiral: Delivering High-Stake Results

Manish Mohta,Managing Director

Manish Mohta

Managing Director

Quality assessment of any education program is governed by the learning outcomes and in today's time it has become more important than ever. Examinations or assessments help monitor the effectiveness of the education imparted and the learning goals covered. A reliable assessment system is thus like a corner stone for any educational institute. Kolkata-based Learning Spiral understands assessments and applicant management like no other organisation and delivers more than a million assessments every year, through different modes, in a demanding and high-stake environment.

The idea behind Learning Spiral is loud and clear. Its inception germinated with the vision of helping aspirants achieve their aspirations. Living up to its vision, the company ensures that the test takers get the marks they truly deserve in the fastest possible time. Its AI enabled solutions cover the entire gamut of services and processes covering all phases of examination management from registration to conduction and evaluation. Besides this, it supports all means of evaluations such as Computer Based Tests, Online Tests with AI enabled remote / live proctoring, On-screen marking based on scanned answer scripts & entry of marks by evaluators. These end-to-end examination

services and solutions cater to large scale recruitment, admissions and also the entire student and examination lifecycle in a University.

Having an Edge
Learning Spiral is amongst the few Pan India examination solution and service providers with a footprint across 18+ States. Its platforms help handle more than 10 million applicants every year. "We cater to more than 30 per cent of all Central University students in India with name worthy Universities like Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Milia Islamia among others. Our products have been designed and developed based on our experience of working with more than 50+ Universities, multiple Public Service Commissions and State School Boards. This is also the reason of the wide acceptance in the market of our solutions and services," says Manish Mohta, Managing Director, Learning Spiral.

Learning Spiral is amongst the few end to end examination solutions and service providers with a footprint across 18+ states

What provides the company a competitive edge is its superlative customer service. The team at Learning Spiral goes an extra mile to ensure utmost satisfaction of its customers. "One of our company's core value is customer obsession. This runs deep in our approach. In a demanding and time sensitive field like examination services, we need to provide services round the clock and be responsive to changing situations / requirements of the clients. This exceptional service delivery criterion is further strengthened by our deployment of local staff at client locations to ensure prompt and rapid turnaround time. This has helped us retain clients year after year," mentions Manish.

Learning Spiral's services are backed by a team of - 200+ experienced examinations professionals. This domain experience has helped the company grow at a healthy rate of 30 per cent year on year, over the last five years. This has also helped it develop robust AI enabled anti cheating technologies.

Narrating the future roadmap, Manish avers, "As an organisation we are geared for rapid growth in this domain. We are looking at expanding our service offerings beyond the Indian borders to Middle East and South EastAsia. Online Examinations with AI enabled remote proctoring is a key focus area and we see tremendous potential in this sector for our solutions and services."