Li On Batteries:: An Epitome for Quality Energy Solutions

AbhinavSahaya, Director- Texor Energy, Founder- Li-On Batteries


Director- Texor Energy, Founder- Li-On Batteries

Hazardous sparks and fires have now become a common event with lithium batteries. Low quality of product and lack of research are two main reasons for such unfortunate incidents. The industry is plagued by substandard products, accompanied by false commitments and poor service, despite this EV manufacturers often tend to settle with vendors and compromise on quality considering the cost and pricing. This is where Texor Energy comes into the picture.

Texor Energy is a leading battery manufacturer from New Delhi. Their efficiency in handling advanced cell chemistries and their great knowledge in this sector has made them one of the best in this landscape. They are known for reliability, quality and service. With a solid three decades of family history in this business, Abhinav Sahaya founded Li-On Batteries a brand of Texor Energy out of his enthusiasm for green space and environmentally sustainable products. Texor Energy manufactures batteries with focus on advanced cell chemistry fore mobility and solar energy.

During the initial stages, Li-On Batteries had to face several challenges with respect to low quality products at low prices being imported from China, which turned out to be unsuitable for the Indian environment. That is when Abhinav took the decision to develop their own products. What started with the e-rickshaw and three wheeler segment gradually evolved to the manufacturing of
two wheeler batteries, energy storage, and other products, all the while maintaining top quality. Texor energy has now matured to become an entity with service centers and distributors across the country

The company offers a wide range of lithium batteries, both Lithium Ion as well as Lithium Phosphate cell chemistry, furthermore the company provides solutions for battery swapping models to energy storage products under the parent company Texor Energy as well as under Li-On Batteries. The products are targeted at both the e-Mobility segment and energy storage segment.

With the company's focus on Research and Development, they have become the only lithium battery manufacturer to provide water proof and fire proof lithium battery packs.

USP Of The Company
Texor Energy not just focuses on battery production but also on providing entire solutions for an EV(electric vehicle) ecosystem. Addressing the various pain points of the industry the company has become the only manufacturer to develop water proof and fire proof lithium battery packs. This is an in house development by Texor Energy and has been highly appreciated by the industry.

Texor Energy is not just a battery manufacturer or assembler, it is an end use solution provider

Apart from manufacturing or assembling battery packs, the company also leverages data analytics to get insights into the safety, performance, and selection of the batteries. This helps them to constantly develop and improve their products and services. Moreover, Texor Energy is currently working to offer battery swapping as a solution and battery charging in the Indian space. "Texor Energy is not just a battery manufacturer or assembler, it is an end-use solution provider", says Abhinav.

The unparalleled mileage and range of batteries with various levels of capacities and voltages helped the company to rise to fame. The battery's voltages range from 7 volts to up to 96 volts with capacity up 0.5 MW. There are not many companies in the marketplace that can now deliver this kind of service and that makes the company stand out from its peers.

The company is presently setting up a new plant for lithium batteries in the coming fiscal. The plant will be focusing on providing the entire solution for the EV ecosystem along with the e-mobility segment, energy storage system, and lastmile delivery service. The solutions will be sustainable and useful in many areas. The company looks forward to bringing significant diversification in products.