Powercab: Ensuring the Best Elevator Experience Since 1992

Ashis Sen,Founder & Chairman
Ashis Sen, Founder& Chairman

Customers do not buy products any more, but experiences. Even with the ace quality of products,the entailment for manifesting remarkable customer-experiences redoubles when it comes to delivering elevator solutions, which is often a marriage of customers and brands, owing to its regular, lifelong maintenance requirements. Providing a holistic 360 degree view of elevator solutions & unabridged maintenance services differentiate the leading brands from competitors and decide whether they can win customers over in the long run.

Going an extra mile to set new benchmarks in totality of elevator solutions & proximity of relationship with customers is Kolkata-based Powercab – one of the leading elevator solution providers in India, which owns one-of-a-kind rare manufacturing facility. Having a legacy of almost three decades in possession, Powercab manufactures the whole fabrication materials along side control panel units, and in turn wins the price war against its competitors who float a huge chunk of money on logistics. Above all, while offering end-to-end, state-of-the-art & cost-effective elevator solutions, this award winning company redefines customer experience through a multi-channel customer support model and robust & high-functioning grievance management infrastructure.

An Ecosystem of Expertise
Came into existence in 1991 as a team of passionate& seasoned engineers (having up to 40years of individual experience today) who never eye the profit margins, Powercab today occupies the driving seat of East India’s elevator market by successfully installing over 7,500 vertical transportation systems across the entire Eastern India region and even in SAARC countries. Its projects include several variances of elevators ranging from Manual Collapsible/Swing/Sliding Door, Centre Opening Auto Door, Sliding Auto Door, and Manual& Auto Telescopic Door elevators to Goods Elevators and Escalators.

Having cornered the market by delivering such a broad spectrum through well-defined SOPs and by keeping the quality criteria intact, Powercab intrinsically possesses a prestigious customer ecosystem comprising of individual customers and organizations such as Orion Group, Eden Group, Happy Bengal Group, Ritman Group, Seawood, Ritz Group, Apeejay Surrendra Group, and Dreamland Group to name a few. Starting right from assessing the requirement to assisting its customers in receiving lift erection permission & license, and delivering the above board solutions on time, the way company engages with every project and each customer is quite exemplary. Passengers’safety being the axis of its planning & designing process, Powercab restricts its purchase-radar to world class elevator technology brands like Usha Martin, Fuji, Toshiba, and Yaskawa. It further consolidates the quality proposition by keeping the foot inside the line of ‘West Bengal’s Lift Rules & Acts’ and 1S & BS Standard, and assiduously maintaining the product-quality through repetitive inspection of its engineers and supervisors.

“Accounting to the vertical transportation mishaps and
accidents with elevators of multinational elevator companies, people are often worried about their safety. But we hold a record of maintaining clean-chit without even a single accident or any kind of minor issues reported against us. We backup our fool-proof installation process with regular maintenance and expeditious service activities,” asserts Ashis Sen, Founder & Chairman, Powercab.

"Accounting to the vertical transportation mishaps and accidents with elevators of multinational elevator companies, people are often worried about their safety"

The Next Level of Customer-Experience
Post the delivery, Powercab’s commitment only gets bigger. The engagement commences with one-year warranty/free service period during which the company scrutinizes all the safety circuits, lubricates the elevator, and adjusts the components(only if required) once in every month regardless of receiving a complaint. In addition, by strictly following the SOPs, engineers certify the safety-systems and regularly file the report. Ashis adds, “Since this excitable engagement model comes with attractive price tag,70 percent of our total deliveries per year sign up for the Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)as well. This rate has been exponential over the years, and we aim to ‘lift’ that count to 90 percent by 2021”.

Anirban Sen, Director

It’s no Chinese arithmetic that mere quality installation & norm service models alone do not change any game. Being on the ball and standing firm on its commitment, Powercab goes above and beyond the call of duty by heavily leveraging the digital advantage, and precisely, that’s what makes it one of the best Indian brands in the country. With a robust customer support infrastructure that encompasses an IVR system recording customers’ calls & responding to them, mobile app – ‘Powercab’(available in Google Play Store) addressing breakdown/grievance complaints & receiving enquiries for new lifts, online /WhatsApp interaction facilities, direct telephone lines, and much more, the company sets new industry standards of customers support.

Most importantly, the multifarious digital channels are directly connected to the highly trained maintenance support & backup expert-team, which enable Powercab to render the service on the same day of lodging (T&C applicable) a complaint. “Training indeed is a part of our culture to an extent where we conduct periodical written and practical examinations for continuous improvement of our field-force,” adjoins Ashis. Well,in case of any complaint, customers can even directly contact the chairman!

Building the Future of Indian Elevator Industry
On the flip side, Powercab is simultaneously building the future of Indian elevator industry as a manufacturing country, and in fact it has already laid the foundation. With an R&D that breathes innovation, the company is all set to launch a bigger and a more equipped factory in West Bengal, which will manufacture almost all the components of an elevator in large
scale to reduce production cost and further improve product quality. Interestingly, Powercab will also be retailing elevator products to all other local companies of Kolkata and outskirts, besides its own consumption. This move will aid in further price drop,as currently the companies are forced to reach out to monopolies in Mumbai and Ahmedabad for purchasing the spare parts.

It gets way better, since Powercab is also coming up with a first-of-its-kind showroom in South Kolkata, which will manifest elevators and their different parts, wherein buyers can directly pay a visit to choose their products post a hands on experience – just like in a car or bike showroom. “We take pride in our R&D which has pipelined several ground-breaking innovations projected towards our vision 2021,” Ashis adds. A few among the projects on card being wireless lifts(cabin & landing controls without wires),display of all fault finding error codes, lifts with low electricity consumption, reduction of erection time, and incorporating automatic rescue device & overload sensor in each lift.

Under the aegis of its young dynamic director – Anirban Sen, who has raised the company’s revenue by a whopping 35 percent within merely three years from his joining, Powercab’s vision 2021 also includes the geographical expansion by on-boarding the franchise model. It envisions launching at least five franchises in the North Eastern region. “We strive to come up with more competitive rates while maintaining the quality, and thus take part in building the future of Indian elevator industry,” concludes Anirban. The Young Turk’s words clearly echo the promise to ‘lift’ the lift’s value.

While indulging in the exponentially-growing economy of West Bengal, Powercab also seeks assistance from the state government and its eminent leader - Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is the main reason behind the successful growth of industries and businesses in the state.

Key Management:
Ashis Sen, Founder & Chairman
The main pillar of Team Powercab, Ashis is a complete engineer. He is the major inspiration behind all the efficient and hardworking workers who helped Powercab in bagging five national awards since 1992.

Anirban Sen, Director
A dynamic entrepreneur, Anirban Sen joined Powercab in the year 2015. User Satisfaction and relationship with the clients are the top most priority of this Young Turk. Graduated as an electrical engineer who leads the company towards higher goals with each passing day.

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• Manual Telescopic Door Elevator
• Manual Sliding Door Elevator
• Centre Opening Auto Door Elevator
• Sliding Auto Door Elevator
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• Escalator
• Goods Elevators

Awards & Recognition:
• Udyog Ratna Award in 1999
• Trans World Gold Star Award in 1999
• Excellency Award in 1999
• Gold Medal in 2001 for services and production
• Excellence award for extraordinary achievements in India's development
• Rashtriya Pratibha Puraskar Award in 2013