M K Caterers: Proffering First Class Vegetarian Gourmet Food Experience to Customers

Saket Kesarwani,  Founder & Director,Meenakshi Kesarwani, Founder & Managing Director

Saket Kesarwani, Founder & Director
Meenakshi Kesarwani, Founder & Managing Director

Today, the Indian catering industry has become a crucial component for the success of any social event. Apart from the social gatherings & festive occasions, the formal events, seminars, conferences and other business-related jamborees consider professional catering services to add to the triumph of their events. Studies show that majority of guests attending the events look forward to have an excellent meal, whereas the poor food menu offered may result in lack of culinary benefits. As a matter of fact, service providers are becoming more prominent day-by-day to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers for new cuisines.

Lucknow-based M K Caterers is one such full-fledged catering service provider that keeps introducing fresh & new vegeterian menu ideas to accomplish the need of its diverse range of customers. The company bears the distinct stature of being one of the most popular vegetarian catering service providers in the city of Nawaabs and is also known for its unique presentation, remarkable taste and innovative event styling. “We give quality food & service with full dedication, and personal touch at modest pricing, keeping in mind the high quality of ingredient used in entire preparation,” states Saket Kesarwani, Founder & Director, M K Caterers.

The Culinary Excellence
Bootstrapped & marshaled by Saket and Meenakshi Kesarwani (Founder & Managing Director), who grip the company with their decades spanning versatile personal & practical experience in the field of catering (trade), M K Caterers has come a long way from where it began in 2002. While Saket, one of the most noted chefs in the industry with a decade of culinary experience in reputed five-star hotels is the soul of the company, Meenakshi - a qualified
catering professional, is the brain behind the entire process and holds the reins of ensuring a smooth management process. Under their leadership, the venture provides services such as Chef’s Attended Station, Tasting Menu (Small Plates), Silver Table Styles, Seated Dinner, Tray Passed and Stationary Display Station for wedding, corporates events and social soirees. Saket’s in-depth knowledge about ingredients and cooking techniques keeps the innovation flowing, which makes M K Caterers' cuisines different from others; thus winning hearts of all through its vibrant and unmatched flavors, textures, presentation, variety and taste.

"Adhering to its three most important parameters of taste, quality and choice, M K Caterers stands in a distinguished light for catering services"

Adhering to its three most important parameters of taste, quality and choice, M K Caterers stands in a distinguished light for catering services. Besides vegetarian cuisine, the venture bestows Italian, Mexican, Thai and Continental cuisines and always customizes menu with the freshest possible presentation for its extension selection of service. A mixed team of chefs, nutritional specialists, expert food cravers and sales personnel presents the haute Indian & international cuisines with subtle simplicity, fine ingredients and cultural heritage with a contemporary flair.

Providing end-to-end services, M K Caterers undertakes certain important elements of any event as it also proffers its personal staff to manage host personally. “The basis of our first class gourmet food, paramount quality and rendering complete service is our 26 years of culinary experience. Our USP is to make client’s event successful by offering the best catering services,” avers Meenakshi.

Dedicated Workforce & Unique Approaches
Its multicultural team of chefs facilitate the firm to supply a large variety of selections, all gourmet and tasty to corporates like Oranje Castle (Lucknow’s biggest real estate company), SLMG beverages (Coca-Cola Plant) and even Bollywood celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, amplifying the success of their event. While the company is a beacon for quality catering
service, it designates sous (second demand in kitchen) & executive chef who hold & manage daily kitchen activity and administer & develop recipes, plans menu, hires team members and does food presentation. Apart from this, the company’s managerial team sets goals for the group and determines the work needs to be done in order to meet those goals whereas marketing professionals develop the marketing strategy for the company in line with client's objectives, and manage & improve lead generation campaigns.

Alongside, everybody, from sales team to kitchen staff, act as each other's backbone and have been trained in their respective aren as along with communication & collaboration skills. When an experiential learning is clubbed with fun-filled work culture, it results in increased customer experience and revenue. Moving towards a completely customer-centric and tech-savvy epoch, M K Caterers has created a unique online portal and keeps updating its social media pages frequently and even provides the upcoming updates and latest work details via phones & emails to customers worldwide. “A balance between social media engagement and face-to-face marketing connects us with new customers, wherein our perfect equilibrium between organization, analytics and marketing is the recipe of our success,” concludes Saket. Enriched with such features, the venture desires to hold caterings for more Bollywood celebrities in the coming future.

Key Management
Saket Kesarwani, Founder & Director
Saket has served as an ex-Chef in many five star hotels like Mughal Sheraton, Trident Oberoi, Taj palace, Holiday Inn, Taj Mahal and others.

Meenakshi Kesarwani, Founder & Managing Director
From past 16 years, Meenakshi has gained colossal experience in culinary management by working on massive amount of events.

Office: Lucknow

Chef’s Attended Station, Tasting Menu (Small Plates), Silver Table Styles, Seated Dinner, Tray Passed and Stationary Display Station