Magnum Label: Printing And Labelling Made Hassle Free




It's no secret that printing labels offers businesses a breadth of benefits and has become an integral part of a company's packaging production process. Hence, Magnum Label is here to help. Magnum Label is one of the leading Bangalore-based firm in the field of professional label printing across FMCG, Food, Parma, Beverages, Cosmetic, Industrial, Airlines, Electronics, Automotive, Packaging and Logistics to name just a few. Magnum Label was Mr. Raja's latest initiative, and was brought into legal existence during FY 2013 and 2014. Via his successful pioneering of "Raj Prints" for over two decades, Mr. Raja, the founder of Magnum took this undertaking as his deep encounter with the printing industry. Magnum is a certified label printer and converter with close professional ties with several suppliers of world class materials.

Amplifying Client's Success
For all label specifications, Magnum gives their clients the full range. Service options right from help to creation of a new label for new or special requirement or simply to enhance aspects of the current specification of the label. Magnum is at the forefront of Label Converters with its fully designed and usable in-house NPD (New Product Development) Division. From idea, inception, prototyping, production planning, testing, inspection and eventually good and timely delivery, Magnum provides a complete suite of functionality-based activities. Magnum houses an end-to-end completely functional label production capacity as well. Over years of committed approach to any and all the needs of customers, experiences gained has fine-tuned the expertise, skill set and robust capabilities.

Magnum has the potential to meet the client's demand for any label specification. Within Magnum's capacities, all shapes and sizes, material thickness and gumming, different treatments and coatings can be
accomplished. The label specification types may be selected according to the basic specifications of the application requirements of the customers, such as temperature and extreme weather, corrosion and solvent resistance and many industry-specific requirements.

With a fully integrated manufacturing plant capable of handling anything between order, pre-press, printing, checking, quality-control, post-press, packaging and dispatch, Magnum operates under a fully designed state-of-the-art label processing facility. The pre-press processes at Magnum are coordinated by a team of seasoned professionals equipped with the latest software, hardware and high-end equipment.

On Chair - Karthik, Standing Right - Raghu, Standing Left - Raja

The team is aware of the customer's specific demands and obtains the customer's approval from the very beginning and at every point of development. With fully equipped in-house testing facility, Magnum's post press procedures such as slitting, inspection and packaging are performed prior to dispatch through a fully automated high-tech slitting and inspection process. To many major brands, Magnum is a proud supplier with wide-spread clientele from several domestic, commercial to industrial vertices.

With a fully integrated manufacturing plant capable of handling anything between order, pre-press, printing, checking, quality-control, post-press, packaging and dispatch, magnum operates under a fully designed state-of-the-art label processing facility

Magnum recently launched, a subsidiary of Magnum and Raj Prints was established to solve all packaging related challenges to any start-up companies to large industry face, bringing all packaging solutions under one platform. Aims at becoming one-stop online ecommerce packaging supply store with no minimum quantity restriction and fast nationwide shipping on corrugated boxes, rolls, courier bags, packing tapes, dispensers, sheet paper, bubble wraps, cake boxes, gift boxes, dry-fruit boxes, labels, stickers, posters, danglers and many more solutions which any start-up, small household business, small food, baking supply companies to designer companies need. Packsbazaar also provides customised packaging design solutions where one can interact with their design experts and achieve the design of one's choice. Packsbazaar currently ships packing material to over 250 cities across India.