Matrix Comsec: Delivering a Complete Surveillance Package and Ensuring End-to-End Security

Ganesh Jivani,CEO
Ganesh Jivani, CEO

Surveillance has become a sine qua non to avert the crimes against people and loss to property. With increased awareness and advanced technology, today’s consumers desire for automated security systems, large system integrators’ quality products and a complete security infrastructure to facilitate the same. This is where Matrix Comsec steps in with its real-time security & automated solutions, which make the processes easier and effective for consumers. “From technologically superior products to after-sales service, we deliver a complete surveillance package and ensure end-to-end security,” professes Ganesh Jivani, CEO, Matrix.

This 1991-founded company has set its mark high in the security realm with services like centralized monitoring, preventive security(Parking & Crowd Management,and License Plate Recognition) and bandwidth optimization (Adaptive Recording, Smart Streaming and superior RoI). While Matrix’s unique Cascading feature of Network Video Recorder eliminates the server cost(connects upto 20 devices in master-slave architecture) and enables centralized monitoring of 480
cameras, its video analytics(multi-layer E-map) identifies specific events and notifies concerned person on real-time basis and a closed check is kept on the functioning of cameras 24×7 (health status),thus providing ease of management.

"From technologically superior products to after-sales service, we deliver a complete surveillance package and ensure end-to-end security"

Analytics such as Parking Management, Crowd Management and License Plate Recognition not just help in terms of security but are also beneficial for measuring pattern and frequency of customers. Other cruxes of services like adaptive & smart streaming, camera-wise recording retention and database level integration with access control device, alarms, buzzers and sensors help customers in optimizing bandwidth to save the recurring cost and aid stamping of snapshot/recorded clip third party).

Evolving from Reactive Security to Real-time Security
Matrix IP camera incorporates Sony’s STARVIS sensor that gives color images at as low as 0.08 lux and engulfs features such as 120dB True WDR, H.265 Compression Technique and Higher FOV. Thus, an amalgamation of all these features has secured and is securing clients round the clock. Complying with ISO, FCC, IP66, IK10 and others, the company upholds its own government recognized R&D Center with skilled engineers. Before designing any solutions,the experts constantly study the
industry & communicate with customers to understand their challenges & requirements and based on the input work on real-life problem apart from technology. Post this, every product goes through a five step quality check including testing of hardware, software, and functioning of the product, post which a test report is generated by quality control professionals. Furthermore,a dedicated technical team renders on-site,off-site and remote configuration support to customers and channel partners.

What sets Matrix apart from others is its distinct security measure - involving blocking of entire IP addresses and different authorization levels (Administrator, Operator and Viewer) for accessing client’s data. These enriched features has enabled Matrix to win various prestigious awards like Best Intelligent Security (Electronics Maker) and Access Control Solutions Provider (SECONA Shield)to name a few.

Relishing an annual growth of a whopping 70 percent, Matrix aims to bring more automated solutions by adding video analytics to its VMS software SAMAS. With the evolving technology, this technology-agnostic firm moved to IP based surveillance.“We intend to design and develop cognitive response engine with automated monitoring that will not just analyze the events but also monitor and instantly respond to the events. This will reduce the unnecessary energy consumption resulting in effective management, which is much required for high-end security,” concludes Ganesh.