Mecgale: Redefining EPC through Innovation, Integrity & Visionary Solutions

 Ratul Chakravorty,   Executive Director

Ratul Chakravorty

Executive Director

The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction industry is witnessing notable trends that are shaping its trajectory. According to a report, the global EPC market is projected to reach $12.63 trillion by 2028. A significant trend in this growth is the rapid adoption of digital transformation tools such as Building Information Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, which are enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the industry is strategically venturing into burgeoning markets such as Africa and Latin America to tap into escalating infrastructure demands. Despite these promising prospects, the industry grapples with a shortfall of skilled professionals, particularly in digital engineering and project management. Mecgale emerges as a leading solution provider, offering cutting-edge digital engineering and project management expertise to enhance operational efficiency and meet the demands of complex projects.

Established in 1994, Mecgale, Cofounded by technocrat Tapas Sarkar and Tarit Sarkar, has evolved into a proficient EPC partner for core sector industries. “With a rich history spanning over two decades, we've successfully executed 1000+ esteemed projects worldwide. Our expansive facility in Nagpur, India, spans 25,000 and hosts cutting-edge manufacturing, testing, and quality control capabilities. Mecgale boasts ISO 9001:2015 and 45001:2018 certifications, offering turnkey solutions and expertise in Engineering, Manufacturing, Erection-Commissioning, and Plant Maintenance”, speaks Ratul Chakravorty, Executive Director of Mecgale. The company’s expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions for ash handling systems, coal handling systems, specialty
bulk material handling systems, special conveyors, as well as water, sewage, and effluent treatment plants. The solutions thus provided prioritize safety, eco-friendliness, and maximal benefits for its esteemed customers.

As an established EPC company, the company specializes in a wide array of electromechanical, civil, and instrumentation works. Mecgale expertise extends to executing diverse EPC projects, encompassing power plants with a focus on the balance of plant segments. Within this domain, the firm can handle crucial components like coal and ash handling systems, fire detection and protection systems, various water and effluent treatment plants, and more. Moreover, the company undertakes projects related to sewage and water treatment facilities, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions. Mecgale takes pride in enhancing tourism by developing key infrastructure and attractions, like light and sound shows, tourism facility development and historic building restoration, in Northeast India.

As Mecgale sets sail into the future, the vision is anchored in sustain ability, amplifying the impact on water & waste treatment

Mecgale's unique selling proposition lies in its exceptional approach to customer relationships and project execution. While the products may not always showcase distinct differentiation, the firm’s commitment to quality, project management and scheduling sets it apart, attributed to its in-house capabilities. Moreover, the company differentiates itself by accommodating its customers' needs flexibly. “We prioritize customer satisfaction by actively adapting to changes in schedules, scope, and work requirements based on mutual agreement and trust, ensuring a collaborative and supportive partnership. We believe in fostering trust and treating our customers as partners, emphasizing a relationship-oriented approach”, says Ratul Chakravorty.

The firm has garnered significant recognition and acclaim over the years, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the industry. The company was honored with 'Company of the Year – EPC' at the ZEE Business Dare to Dream Awards in 2018. Fast forward to 2023, Mecgale was recognized for its unique achievements and exceptional performance in the industrial fraternity at the MIA Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. The SME Empowering India Awards 2023 further acknowledged its prowess in the EPC business, bestowing it with a Certificate of Appreciation. In the near future, the firm is poised for significant growth and diversification. “We plan to expand our footprint in water and waste treatment plants throughout India, addressing critical environmental concerns”, adds Ratul Chakravorty. Mecgale is venturing into SOX (Sulphur Reduction) systems for power plants, capitalizing on evolving pollution regulations. The firm projects a substantial portfolio of 200 to 300 crores for SOX systems and 300 to 400 crores for sewage and water treatment plans in the coming three to four years.