MECh Engineers: Delivering Custom-made Equipments with Quality

Girishkumar Bhootaka , CEOThe surge in power requirements to meet the commercial and non-commercial purposes has performed a vital role in the design of numerous machines, as well as in engineering and chemical processing systems. Prime heat exchanger technologies that are deployed have exorbitantly contributed to the growth of heat exchanger market. By delivering custom made technical equipment for various chemical and mechanical industries, MECh Engineers has evolved as a manufacturer that meets the global engineering quality standards. MECh Engineers is a family owned business, was established in 1986, has its main office and manufacturing unit located in Valsad, Gujarat and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA8000 Registered.

As the title of the company capitalizes letters M, E and Ch of MECh Engineers, it affirms to the services centred on Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical Fields. The company manufactures and designs equipment based on customer’s process requirement rather than allocating any standard equipment. MECh Engineers has served more than 70 clients mostly across Indian chemical industries, including those engaged in high-pressure operations. The maximum pressure at which the company has manufactured & tested is up to 196 bars. MECh Engineers’ major corrosion resistant
material of construction includes stainless steel with grades mostly reaching 300/400 Series, and sometimes Grade 904L as well. “We also use tubes from titanium and/or copper nickel alloys for large shell & tube heat exchanger & condensers for critical application like desalination of seawater, renewable thermal heating and cooling systems. The durability of a normal steel tubes exchanger in seawater is 2 to 5 years, whereas with use of titanium and copper nickel alloys results in thermally efficient and durable heat exchange systems for critical applications with life almost 3 to 4 times of general steel grades”, explains Girish kumar Bhootaka, CEO, MECh Engineers.

Equipped with an experienced team of engineers having requisite entrepreneurial skills, the company supplies heavy industrial equipment for process industries using corrosion resistant alloys

MECh Engineers meets customers who walk in to the business in order to verify the design of pressure vessels and Heat Exchanger. Equipped with an experienced team of engineers having requisite entrepreneurial skills, the company supplies Heavy Industrial & Process Plant Equipment for critical process industries such as chemical oil & gas, processing and power generation industries. Having acquired the software license for inhouse design of equipment, MECh Engineers works on PV Elite software for designing, AutoCAD(Autodesk)for drafting, and other software tools by partnering for special types of analysis i.e. fatigue, FEA, thermal etc. MECh Engineers has obtained certificates from various regulatory authorities such as Indian Boiler Regulations, Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organizations (CCOE), certificate of authorization from ASME for applying designator ‘U’ and ‘U2’ as well as holds National Board ‘R’ Stamp. The company engages in welding processes that include SMAW, GTAW, SAW, GMAW, multiprocess welding, corrosion protection overlays, and tube-to-tube sheet welding & expansion. The quality inspection and testing is carried out as per the project specific inspection & testing plans. NDE, Destructive testing & hydro testing are carried out in the presence of third party inspectors like Lloyd’s, BV, TUV, and IBR. In the manufacturing sector, MECh Engineers will be utilizing industry 4.0 capabilities in the future for attaining manufacturing excellence. Soon the company will engage in integrated process design where there is more room for innovation. By complying with the rules and regulations set by the government, MECh Engineers too hopes to furnish the dream of Make in India.