Media Corridors: Weaving Engaging Brand Stories

Ayushi Arora Gulyani,Founder & Director

Ayushi Arora Gulyani, Founder & Director

Public Relations (PR), an integral part of building strong brand images is often a misunderstood word. Every so often, companies believe that PR’s sole objective is to get them featured across media platforms and at times indulge in manipulative communication. Dispelling these reductionist myths surrounding the PR industry and helping clients build a genuine connect with the right audience through engaging brand stories is Media Corridors. “Staying true to our namesake, we believe that we function as the corridor that can aid brands position themselves aptly in front of the right audience through relevant media channels,” explains Ayushi Arora Gulyani, Founder & Director, Media Corridors.

Headquartered in Delhi, the firm amalgamates traditional PR techniques with modern digital PR approaches to help brands create leads, increase sales, drive digital traffic and tap into new markets. Founded in 2015, the young and dynamic company has amassed an enviable list of clients from various industries such as technology, real estate, finance, automotive, lifestyle, NGO, FMCG, among others.
Understanding Content & Media
Spearheaded by the trailblazer and an ex journalist, Ayushi has put together a team of talented professionals who have prior experience in the field of journalism. Armed with a strong understanding of content that would work with the audience, the team goes beyond solely promoting brands through one-time stories. Instead, Media Corridors believes in weaving an entire brand story to relate with the audience. “Our process begins with first understanding the client’s objectives and then based on that we design our PR strategy. Thus, every piece of information goes out with context which helps create a lasting impact,” adds Ayushi.

"Staying true to our namesake, we believe that we function as the corridor that can aid brands to position themselves aptly in front of the right audience through relevant media channels"

Working with an objective to help companies switch on ‘ascending mode’, Media Corridors leverages its expertise in traditional PR to build the right content. Communicating through various avenues such as print media, newspapers, magazines, new channels, press conferences and press releases, the firm also pitches exclusive stories through specific journalists. The team zeroes in on the right media avenue based on the target audience and the form of media preferred by them.

New Age Digital Approach
In today’s day and age, a brand cannot turn a blind eye to building
a strong digital presence. Having built specialization in developing relevant digital content to engage target audiences, Media Corridors makes a brand or client recognizable in the longer run. In order to increase a client’s credibility and digital presence, the team guides clients to contribute to various industry-relevant online platforms. Powered by judicious digital content created by the firm, clients are positioned as industry leaders. Additionally, Media Corridors helps clients make use of influencer marketing, which adds a new age dimension to PR. “While print media is trustworthy and believable, an influencer is approachable since they are directly communicating with the audience,” adds Ayushi. The firm functions on the principle that amalgamating traditional PR with new age influencer marketing is an infallible recipe to generate the right engagement for any brand.

Astute Work Approach
Media Corridors endeavours to act as a strategic partner and ally for clients. From staying informed about a client’s next meeting or business conclave to remembering their birthdays or anniversaries, the firm adds a personal touch to its professionalism. Ayushi undertakes a similar approach with building a strong team. A true believer in retaining every employee while being a part of their personal & professional growth, she ensures that there are no hierarchies at play. Backed by a team that takes complete ownership of every project, Media Corridors has spread its presence across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.