Mexco India: Assuring a Holistic Electronic Production & Design Service

Gulzar Singh,  Owner

Though the Indian Government has been promoting the design and manufacturing sector for many decades, almost 75 percent consumer demand is catered to via importing, which is blocking the potential of ingenious Indian market. The Govt. has in fact taken different decisions to import technology via company-company partnership, FDI, and Research Funding. Incepted more than 25 years ago, Mexco India is challenging the status quo via its in-house electronic designing and manufacturing capability & training to help established organizations as well as MSMEs (majorly) to operate effectively and in the shortest turnaround time without facing the brunt of high inventory cost.

Mexco India entered the industry as a manufacturer of inverters, UPS, and stabilizers, operating out of a small shop in Karnal, Haryana in 2002. In 2007, the company expanded into Electronic Design Capability. “The expertise of the designer is judged by the raw material & parts used/suggested to make prototype/product. The key
to our strength is a long practical working experience in electronic field that we have good exposure of Indian & abroad suppliers,” asserts Gulzar Singh, Owner, Mexco India.

"Currently, we are focusing on the agriculture sector to reinforce farming with technology and make it more efficient"

The Design Expertise
Mexco India is registered with NID Ahmedabad as Designer Consultant & Design Firm under Design Clinic Scheme. Indian Govt. provides funding for designing to MSMEs through this Design Clinics Scheme. Mexco India is backed by Gulzar’s expertise and caliber which is evident through current persuasion of Ph.D. Electronics at Electronic Science Depart-ment, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, to conduct research & design work. This brings the much needed pedigree of innovation and persistence into the company.

Helping form the foundation of electronic products, Mexco specializes in PCB Design, which finely enunciates its capability to design PCB to meet specific size/shape requirements & standards. The company also designs single side/double side PCBs to use non-SMD & SMD components and harbours special expertise in PIC (ATMEL), ST, SiLab, and ARM architecture-based micro controllers for designing custom products. “Currently, we are focusing on the agriculture sector
to reinforce farming with technology and make it more efficient,” adds Gulzar.

Electronic design is one branch of the Mexco service tree. The other extensions of the company are where the team imports the products from different resources, followed by reverse engineering, develops new products using recent technology which are targeted as an alternate to imported product, creates application software for PC based application and to design FPGA based product using Verilog & Xilinx development tools.

Elaborating further, Gulzar states, “We provide consultancy service to embed new sensors/actuators/inputs-outputs/ para-meters to the existing setup or process of the end-user and make technology more accessible”. Furthermore, the production support offered to the MSME members at their site to initiate the production and to resolve the issues faced during production/testing/ trouble shooting/ calibration is a step towards holistic industrialization.

The Mexco team invests abundantly in innovation, undertakes extensive research, and propagates education hubs to put together the knowledge & experience from the industry into the academia. With a turnover of Rs.30 lakh per annum, Mexco is constantly traversing on the path to innovation and has applied for funding for its recent projects.