Microtek: A Leading Name in the Power Product Manufacturing Bracket

Subodh Gupta,CEOToday, the country is working aggressively under new government and is trying to minimise the inadequacy in captive power generation capacity. Inspite of all these best efforts the main problem is the Indian power sector is that the gap between demand and supply of power in the country keeps on increasing as electricity has now reached to almost every part of the country. However, due to the recent power outage in the country, the need for power backup system has become essential for households, commercial, and industrial setup. Supporting this need is Microtek, one of the largest power products manufacturers in the country set up in 1986 by N. K. Aggarwal and O. P. Gupta. Headquartered in New Delhi, the mission of Microtek is to reduce pollution and save the earth by innovating the current products and services.

Serving Global Clients' With a Variety of Products
Microtek is delivering a range of cost-efficient products to many countries like Dubai, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Philipines, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Lebia, Egypt, Angola, and Zimbabwe. It is equally backed by its unmatched after-sales services which are fully geared and manned by qualified manpower. Microtek Service is spread all across India with 150 own service centers and more than 355 service points. "Our product list includes inverters, Online UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Stabilizers, Solar
products, E-Rickshaw Chargers, and all types of Wires and Cables, MCB, Isolators, RCCB and DB. Our products are built on latest technologies that saves electricity. Also, promoting the cause of energy conservation, we are providing ecofriendly products like solar UPS, solar panels, solar PCU, and solar bidirectional gridtied PCU," says Subodh Gupta, Managing Director, Microtek.

Manufacturing these errorless products in state-of-the-art automatic manufacturing plants, which are equipped with hi-tech machines like SMT, ICT and automatic assembly lines, Microtek team is creating uniquely featured digital voltage stabilizers based-on power-saving technology with high-performance curves. The products are reliable saves electricity wastage. Along with this, Microtek has a complete range of energy-efficient digital voltage stabilizers for air-conditioners with various working input range, suitable for all kinds of power and voltage settings. Microtek is the leader in UPS technology that brings the machine which is move able, safe, elegantly looking and long-lasting.

The mission of Microtek is to reduce pollution and save the earth by innovating the current products and services

Microtek introduced the e-rickshaw battery charger with M2FC technology that charges an e-rickshaw ten times faster compared to any other product. Some of its key features include high-frequency PWM circuit, micro controller based SMPS, battery charger, in-built over-voltage protection, and protection against reverse polarity, input surge and inrush cur- rent. The multistage charging also reduces chances for overheating. While stating about the R&D team, Aggarwal revealed that Microtek has set up a modern in-house comprehensive R&D center in India as well as in Shenzen, China that is entirely equipped with the latest design software's, developmental hardware kits, and hardware equipment required for testing and field condition simulation.

Microtek has initiated several group-wide quality management processes and in pursuit of achieving excellence in them, the company has won numerous awards. It has been recently awarded India's Most Trusted Brand award 2019. Microtek also received Best UPS Brand (Consumer) Award in Digital Terminal Awards. "We were recognized as the company with Best in After Sales Services for all types of UPS and Inverter by Soft Disk Magazine and was adjudged Number One Home UPS Inverter Company for the year 2018," elucidates Subodh. Amidst this, the company's strong infrastructural national network is growing rapidly with 12 crores satisfied user as a result of its in-comparable designs, manufacture, and supply of quality products. In the next years, Microtek is ready to make more innovative products.