MKV Enterprise: On the Sole Mission of Saving Earth

Kamal Venugopal , FounderToday, environmental sustainability is the need of the hour for our mother earth due to the burgeoning plastic waste generation in India, which is more than the stated reports. Yet on the bright side, a swarm of companies are making this need a beautiful reality through their unique, innovative and eco-friendly products. One such company keen on making mother earth go green is MKV Enterprise, which manufactures and markets a spectrum of 100 percent biodegradable and easily compostable products. Kamal Venugopal, Founder, MKV Enterprise, narrates, "Created with natural, pure and organic value along with assured quality, our eco-friendly products are in fact earth friendly that can indubitably save our environment and nature".

An ISO recognized firm, MKV Enterprise stands unique with its product portfolio, in no competition with other products in the market. Some of its hot selling products include nonplastic carry bags, Areca leaf plates, bamboo eco-friendly sets, and wheat straws. The firm sources most of the ingredients from vendors present across Salem and other parts of Karnataka, and for non-plastic bags, from all over India.All of its products are manufactured across well equipped facilities located at Erode and Viluppuram. Once disposed, these products are mixed with compost to produce fertilizers for plants. They are also biodegradable in less than two months of time. Moreover
the wastage from manufacturing units is utilized for regrowth and earthworm pits, which are vital elements of organic farming in India as well as globally.

The team at MKV Enterprise conducts inspection of developed products through fumigation, UV light technology as well as against SGS standards

Client-Centric in Every Way!
Treating clients as its own friends, MKV Enterprise ensures to stand on the same page with its clients to clearly understand their expectations. Its esteemed clients are predominantly from outside India, and a very few from India like five star hotels. Hence, quality, cost, service and delivery have always been maintained in accordance with the international industry standards as well as clients' satisfaction. Especially for quality maintenance, the team at MKV Enterprise conducts inspection of developed products through fumigation, UV light technology as well as against SGS standards if need be. The products are also rigorously tested for quality against parameters like reliability, usability, ease of use, value for money and fit for purpose. If faults are discovered, the team assures to rework promptly on that product. No wonder, MKV Enterprise holds clusters of happy clients!

The biggest challenge MKV Enterprise has been facing is that most people are unaware of green products and their benefits, and thus hesitate to pay premium price. Also, due to the dearth in standard quality control boards for these products, only five percent of marketing activities are turning out to be effective. Thanks to MKV Enterprise for organizing regular awareness programs for clients through associations with external agencies, the industry is opening-up to green alternatives. Moreover, the firm believes that environmental protection ought to start right at home, where people must follow the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), use locally produced goods & services,and also make each community self supporting.

Despite poised in the Small Scale Industry (SSI)since 2017, MKV Enterprise has grown by 20 percent each quarter. Innovation has always been in the DNA of the firm to not just outclass in the market, but to deliver new products to clients. Further, MKV plans to plunge into manufacturing foods, antioxidants, and 100 percent chemical free & organic products. Kamal concludes, "Stand up against plastic pollution. It's a need of time, now or never. And it's our duty to leave a pollution-free nature for our children".