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Debashis Basu ,FoundersThe basic norm of journalism revolves aroundethics, accuracy and fairness. It is indeed a great deal today for any media firm to endure utmost honesty and courage in gathering, reporting and interpreting information and serving the public. Moneylife, a fortnightly personal finance magazine turned a digital publication, replicates the true ethics of journalism and ensures dissemination of unbiased and trustworthy news through their portal.

Launched in 2006 by Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal who bring a combined experience of 60 years of understanding business, regulatory and consumer and investor issues, the ideation of Moneylife was primarily due to the realization that financial consumers were largely deprived of truth about financial products. “Our idea was to bridge this gap; although it was not an easy task. Most of the new financial products were useless or downright harmful for the vast majority of savers and investors who had begun to look away from physical assets like gold and real estate to protect their incomes from the dragon of inflation,” informs Basu.

Eventually, Moneylife has set a strong foothold for itself in the industry. Till date, they have
published some of most deeply-researched articles on gold, mutual funds, fixed income, stocks, insurance, collecting, best ways to save for children, wills & nomination and even harmful drugs. Moneylife also covers a wide range of topics from health, technology, social issues to Right to Information (RTI).

Moneylife is trusted to be one of the most ethical media companies which puts out information that is of direct relevance to investors, consumers and citizens

Valuing trust components of news sources and topics
Trusted to be one of the most ethical media companies, which puts out information that is of direct relevance to investors, consumers and citizens, Moneylife sends out daily and weekly newsletter to over a lakh of readers. While news readers fail to distinguish between realnews and sales pitch made under the pretext of news (advertorials without such disclaimers), Moneylife guarantees providing unbiased and true information from India to financial consumers across over the world.

Basu mentions, “Many are unaware about fact that the content presented to themare at times marketing strategy by a company using the news media. In addition, developments in communications technology portends a challenge and an opportunity. We have taken our content digital- much before our competitors. A free daily newsletter and the advent of social media has given us a branding boost while it also means acquiring new skills.”
Additionally, the entire Moneylife team uses multiple sources to check, cross check, verify and authenticate facts related with all news written by them. This also includes connecting and seeking review/comment from those mentioned in the news story.

A credible news portal publishing news on personal finance, banking, investment and those in which investors, consumers and common citizens have an interest, Moneylife is mainly read by savers - those who have the power to spend. “Majority of our readers fall between the age group of 25-44 years. While most readers are from India, there are regular readers from the U.S., UAE, UK, Singapore, France, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, to name a few. Hence, it is a great platform for digital advertising,” he says.

Sucheta Dalal,Founder

Moneylife’s Success Saga
Over the years, Moneylife has witnessed good revenue growth from their digital platform. With the digital publication, they wish to cater to readers spread across boundaries. “After running a print magazine for around 12 years, we have now decided to move fully digital. This will help us to deliver better content much faster to our readers spread across the world,” believes Basu.