M/s Deepak Mehta and Associates: Blending Creative Intelligence with Sustainability

Deepak Mehta ,Proprietor and Principal Architect
Deepak Mehta
Proprietor and Principal Architect

Architectural companies play a significant role in the development of rural and urban infrastructure and renovations. Here, each architectural design becomes an outcome of a collaborative process that promotes professionals and experts to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of energy, time and cost. Inspired by the exceptional design ideas that increase efficiency of infrastructure or built environment, New Delhi based M/s Deepak Mehta and Associates, one of the prestigious architectural firms in India, focuses to provide research and consultancy services in the areas such as Design and Development of Human Settlements, Regional and Urban Planning, Environmental Planning, Architectural and Engineering Design.

Shepherded by the accomplished architect Deepak Mehta, an I.I.T Roorkee Alumnus, Deepak Mehta and Associates is offering specialized sustainability services in Housing and Town Planning projects that reflect clear segregation and optimum integration of interior and exterior spaces. “The factor that makes us
unique is we always try to be very simple, concise, effective and efficient within our domain. An open and timely communication has been practiced at every step within the firm as well as with the clients,toeliminate flaws. We aim to be very flexible with our design, keeping the client as the foremost consideration while also making sure that all the professional nitty-gritty of the procedure has met,” shares Deepak Mehta,Proprietor and Principal Architect.

Major services offered at Deepak Mehta and Associates include architecture, structural, site planning, landscape, interiors, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, heating and ventilation. In all their services, the firm vests special attention towards ensuring different aspects and functions of planning, leading, organising and controlling are set in an efficient, informed, coordinated and smarter way. Deepak Mehta affirms, “We keep on innovating new and better ways in order to bring the competence in each project. We make use of the latest technologies and materials. For instance, our team recently used latest Structure Insulated Panels in one of our upcoming projects. They are lightweight, cost effective, less space consuming, and climate responsive; a win-win situation for the all the stakeholders plus the environment. The firm also has a strong network of modern computation systems and is well equipped with computer aided design, drafting and animation works.”

Deepak Mehta and Associates is marked by the ability to harness creative intelligence in to develop
feasible solutions through a prism of different ideas,experiences, technologies and innovation. Major personnel of the company have more than 30 years of experience working in India and abroad and have won many awardsforoutstanding work. Additionally,company follows a different system of work culture where accountability is traced back to the last person, and yet maximum flexibility is accorded to the colleagues even though they have to complete a fixed number of hours.

Architect Deepak Mehta's prolific professional life is synonymous with a futuristic architectural vision, sound technical knowledge, practical planning and effective time management. These qualities along with the capability to build Strong Infrastructure and Sustainable Design steered the burgeoning success of his own architectural firm Deepak Mehta and Associates since 1987. Having a strong pan India presence, company has successfully completed various projects for both private, government and semi government organisations. “From a meagre initial annual turnover of Rs 1 lakh to Rs. 10 crore in the last three consecutive years, we have grown leaps and bounds. Future is largely market dependent, but we make efforts to be updated of the trends, latest technologies, materials and changing work cultures. We look forward to keep pace with the latest advances and yet be rooted to the age old traditions in architecture,” Deepak Mehta concludes.