Mucho International: Developing Sturdy & Highly Personalized Mobile Cases

Amit Gupta,Director

Amit Gupta


At present, majority of the mobile accessories are imported in India from China, which are easily available in the grey markets & local stores, and consumers find these accessories affordable & attractive. But the quickly changing consumer tastes and preferences entitle domestic mobile-phone makers to have innovative ecosystem in place to source mobile components locally, thus reducing the dependency on imports. Realizing the need to address local supply-side challenges, Amit Gupta (Director) established Mucho International that crafts high-quality mobile cases & accessories based on client’s requirement and facilitates them with localization of various components within India. Because of the amazing customer confidence gained over the years, the company has been able to successfully expand its range of products, designs and features for many of the makes and models of mobile phones currently available in the market.

Recalling inception scenario, Amit says, “I left Lite-On Mobile in 2013 and decided to start my own business. However, working in China gave me clear picture of huge requirement of mobile cases
& accessories and I started making development of mobile cases & covers and manufacture locally. Gradually, I realized that manufacturers are facing issues importing cases from China due to higher lead time and obsolescence of designs and models". This lead the foundation of Mucho International that specializes in customizing and manufacturing mobile accessories for the OEMs and PANs, which at present nobody is offering. We started with TATA Croma, Reliance Digital, Case-Mate among others. Mucho soon established itself as 'exclusive partner' for Jio cases.

"Mucho offers complete and comprehensive solutions wherein its sophisticated designs and comfortable grip create a distinctive style statement for mobile covers"

Knowing Mucho
From standard cases to personalized covers, Mucho offers complete and comprehensive solutions, wherein its sophisticated designs and comfortable grip create a distinctive style statement for mobile covers in the industry. It caters every aspect of the product, right from conceptualization to delivery. Unlike others, Mucho emphasizes on fulfilling the particular needs of the client, and thus captures their specific requirement, designs the precise product (plastic cases, TPU and flip covers) and manufactures them in high volume, satisfying clients’ desire. Its state-of-the-art German equipments & technologies not only fortify product quality (moisture free and glossy surface) with minimum tolerance & premier fitment, but also ensure the best visual appearance (look & feel) of the
product. Subsequently, Mucho aspires to do exterior, visual quality high appealing surfaces of plastic and metal as well.

Additionally, Mucho’s entire processes are automated and robots are used for performing certain tasks. Indeed, the company is trying to bring-in international practices & standards for domestic mobile producers at affordable cost under 'Make in India' initiative, thereby assisting client with localization of mobile accessories. To further accomplish the growing demand of mobile accessories, the firm expanded & incorporated Sancraft Industries that specializes in manufacturing accessories and components for the mobile Industry.

Away Ahead
On the other hand, Mucho’s team of experts (posing 10+ years of experience) carefully monitors & manages each part of the procedure in order to provide optimal and superior quality solutions. Furthermore, these professionals are trained for the first three months (after joining) on different technical aspects & equipments including quality requirement and how to achieve that quality from equipments.

Mucho is looking forward to turn-out as full-fledged smart & featured phones and charger mechanics organization, drive localization of mobile components and bring quality accessories right near to the clients’ factories by associating with more strategic partners and building long-term relationship with customers. Meanwhile, the venture also aims to become top-most readily mobile mechanic components manufacturer globally in the coming future.