Multitech Automations: Dynamic PLC Provider Embedded with Logic & Technicality

These days, Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)sports a great impact on the automation industry, as almost every OEM, SPM and others have high expectations for their technical & electromechanical investment in terms of elevated productivity, reduced costs and increased security, workflow & communication. However, most of the PLC providers in India focus only on providing the solutions without absolute emphasis on the industrial implications. This leads to a stack of PLC product solutions which remain mostly unused and results in the poor performance of the organization with reduced efficiency. Remitting this tripping balance in business is Multitech Automations a Bangalore based PLC provider, which outclasses competition by vesting keen importance on aligning business and PLC implemented products at various levels in the organizations, while enhancing the PLC automated business value.

Having kickstarted its operations in 2004, Multitech has been working as the system integrator for Schneider Electric in the field of industrial automation for more than a decade. Serving SPM, Power Generation, Elevators, Security Systems, HVAC and others, Multitech has been delivering innovative technological solutions to a wide range of customers (Honeywell, Solar division of SIL vehicles,ISB, Ramson’s garments, EFD induction and L&T, to name a few) right from process automation to machines incorporating Schneider Electric’s astounding array of products servo motors, switchgear, indication lamps, different
types of temperature controllers, sensors, and many others including PLCs.

Beginning with some of the smaller& basic PLC version models like TM 200-24 I/Os & TM 200-40 I/Os, it renders several different models like 231 and 238. M241, one of its fast moving PLC at Multitech has got lot of features like highspeed counters (can even count 2,00,000 pulses/signals in a second). Adding on to its recent innovations are Jalebi/ Jaggery making machine, bedsheet folding machines, cut-to-link machines and various other process & factory automations.

Amidst the highly saturated automation industry, Multitech gets an edge over the others owing to its philosophy of resolving the client organization’s issues. Making the customers to go through an intensive process of choosing the PLC based upon the application, the number of inputs & outputs (I/Os), the spirit of the process, pros & cons and the interlocks & safety required its highly experienced experts ensure a perfect PLC product delivery integrated with Schneider software. Availing complete service under one roof getting the material, programming it, testing it & wiring it within a maximum of 10 days time(no matter what the project, machine or logic it is)Multitech provides a hassle free experience to the customers. “We provide our customers with comprehensive, cost effective solutions based upon the mutual discussion of technicalities and bill of materials,” affirms Shoy Andrews, Founder, Multitech Automations.

Plans Ahead
Comprising of a group of talented and trained engineers counting 38 in total, Multitech is specialized in providing industrial automation solutions using PLCs. Growing through word-of-mouth and client recommendations, Multitech has relished a remarkable revenue of Rs.6.2 crore the previous year and is looking forward to make it Rs.10 crore in the following year. It’s further upgrading to Industry 4.0 and establishing a R&D division, where in it intends to leverage a single point control over the machines by implementing AI.