Mumkins: Bestowing Franchisees with Top-Notch Kids Wear & Phenomenal RoI

Naveen Nebhnani,CEOOne of the most safest and reliable businesses in India, franchises has grabbed the limelight over the recent years due to diverse advantages such as low risk factors, low spends on marketing, amazing returns and many others. Amongst this breadth of franchises in India, retail franchises hold an unparalleled position, since retail stands-out as the country’s largest industry accounting for over 10 percent of its GDP.

Yet, there are only a handful of companies that deal with franchise business across the fast-paced kids wear industry. Standing tall amidst this crowd is Mumkins, the only organized celebration kids wear brand in India offering attractive business opportunities for genuinely interested franchisees.

Today, Mumkins takes utmost pride in outclassing as the only brand in the kids wear segment that bestows its franchisees with unmatched benefits and support throughout their journey, along with phenomenal RoI for their business. This is predominantly because the company owns a huge portfolio of complete wardrobe solutions for kids (aged 0-14 years) including party wear, casual wear, sports wear, ethic wear, accessories and many others.
Yet, Mumkins is well acclaimed by its clients for its wide range of party & celebration wear which are less found in the market, besides its provision of elegant apparels with diverse colours and sizes for girls & boys. Naveen Nebhnani, CEO, Mumkins, adds, “Leveraging such an unrivalled excellence in the kids wear industry, we handhold our franchisees in every single phase of their business and ensure to address their concerns on time”.

Benefits Galore
The company’s team diligently helps the franchisee right from setting-up the franchise unit, branding & advertising, conducting a photo shoot of kids for marketing, to creating campaigns for their unit across Facebook, Instagram and many more. Even after the business commences, Mumkins solves the biggest problem of merchandising in the franchise world by presenting clients with top-notch and beautiful apparels along with a viable business model.

Leveraging an unrivalled excellence in the kids wear industry, we handhold our franchisees in every single phase of their business and ensure to address their concerns on time

To further upscale the profits, the company provides on-job training to their staff across its offices on multiple aspects like on-time stocking of the store, improving their skill sets, and most importantly, increasing its high conversion rates ranging from 75-85 percent!

Under the leadership of Naveen, who boasts of 18+ years of industry experience, Mumkins has grown by leaps and bounds to operating 30+ stores today (11 company stores and rest franchise stores) in just a span of two years. At the end of 2020, the company aims to increase this figure to 100, and to 200+ by 2021. Naveen concludes, “With our offices across Udaipur, Mumbai and Dubai, we are extremely elated to hold a swarm of repeat clients who often come back to us for more franchise units. Yet, to keep-up the quality standards, we strictly stick to the policy of one franchise unit per client to start with”.