Mund Consulting : Providing Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Sumit Mund, Founder & Director

Sumit Mund

Founder & Director

Introduction of the data science in the history of mankind has been a blessing, especially considering the big data evolution. From socio-economical backgrounds to socio-emotional aspects of consumers, companies are wacky to use these data to extract the best ways to serve customers. But this requires niche skill and knowledge to swim through the ocean of data to reach the pinnacle. In light of this increasing demand and market of data analytics, several companies have jumped into the bandwagon to offer differentiated services. But not many do this successfully. And from the few who does this, Mund Consulting is one of them. The company isa complete analytics company working on big data space to offer not just one but three analytics services to the clients – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

Prescribing intelligent actions based on the predictive analytics along with ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) services on big data has been the sole point of the organization. Predictive analysis helps to counteract a situation in advance. This Horton works and Microsoft
partnered start-up is specialized in
Hadoop, Spark–that powers a stack of high-level tools including Spark SQL, MLlib for machine learning, GraphX for graph processing and Spark Streaming to build scalable fault-tolerant streaming application, Python, HD Insights, and many more in the data science genre. With a professional team of data scientists, developers, architects and infrastructure specialists, this organization is providing Big Data solution by designing, implementing and maintaining data in a proficient way.

AS a complete analytics company working on big data space, Mund offer not just one but three analytics services to the clients –Pescriptive, predictive and prescriptive

Inception and Insights

This data crazy company was founded in 2012 by Sumit Mund in UK with an office in Bhubaneswar, India. Sumit, a knowledge driven techie specializing in data sciences, set up the company with the insights to be the master of his own fortune and work in the knowledge space. His in-depth acumen of IT and BI gave his company a ground to provide value-based knowledge services.Through a small number of geeks on the deck, Mund is slowly but steadily increasing its pace in the global data analytics market.
Just like any company offering out-of-the-box bleeding-edge technology solutions encounter the issue of clients’ acceptance and roping in best skill sets, Mund too sailed through these tough times. But once they tasted success through Mund's solutions, clients became addicted to them.

On the other hand, Sumit has steadily partnered with engineering colleges and universities for fresh cultivated talents to present an absolute spectrum of analytics under a hood for its analytics solutions. “We try to avoid the normal way of hiring people. On the contrary, we always prefer references, it could be through professionals working in the industry or professors in the colleges, existing employees and friends,” says Sumit Mund, Founder & Director, Mund Consulting. The company keeps upgrading itself with the latest technologies through conferences and social media to be able to offer solutions on these bleeding-edge technologies.

Inspiring Years to come

In the congested city space, smart or intelligent urban transport has lots of opportunities for advanced analytics to make it smart. Sumit and his team are in the development of a product specific service which will inspire the trade for a particular industry and will be out in the market next year. He adds, “We will keep doing the same thing in the next ten years, but strategically. We want to focus on one or two industries as off now”.