My Fishwala: Fresh and ready to cook fish delivered at doorstep within 24 hours

Sumant Lenka,Co-founder & CEO

Sumant Lenka

Co-founder & CEO

With more and more people leveraging the potential of eCommerce retailing and ordering their daily needs online, many businesses are trying their luck in the sector and offering goods and products to customers online. However, not many are in the raw food material business, like fish and meat but the demand is rising with every passing day. There is a huge opportunity in the sector and Sumant Lenka, Co-founder & CEO had no intention to miss it. A few fish that are cultured on the east coasts of India including the Black Tiger prawns are in high demand in foreign countries. Looking at the opportunity, initially, Sumant Lenka, Co-founder & CEO wanted to venture into the business of seafood exports to Europe, Canada, and more. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting import and export businesses across the world, the initiate got delayed and the idea shifted from B2B to a B2C model in India. He launched My Fishwala that offers top-notch quality fresh and ready to cook fish to its customers. “We deliver placed orders of fish within 24 hours and ensure that our customers get the products before lunch the next day, says Sumant Lenka.

Making a Difference with extra efforts
In the local fish market, the fish available are usually some where between 30-90 days old.
Although people buy from them, it isn't a healthy option, and neither the fish tastes as great as it should. My Fishwala ensures that the fish they offer is fresh and not more than one to two days old. It procures the fish directly from the local fishermen, cuts and cleans the fish, and offers pan-ready products to its customers for consumption within a day's time. The company makes sure that there isn't any inventory stored, nothing is frozen and everything is fresh and healthy. Once the order is placed, the next morning at 4 A.M the company sends its agents to the wholesale fish market to the very well-known Diamond Harbour & Malancha in West Bengal to procure fish. From there the agents get the subsequent orders and get them to the processing unit where the fish are washed, cleaned and cut properly (according to the customer's demand) and thus are distributed to the customers. "We never compromise on the quality of products we offer. Fish is the soul of Bengal and there is high demand for a few types of fish both in India and abroad. We strive to cater to the needs and will soon make a lot of new services a part of My Fishwala," says Sumant Lenka.

My Fishwala offers a wide variety of fish & seafood such as Silver Pomfrets, Bangladeshi Hilsa, Bhetki, Tilapia, Black Tiger Prawn and others

The Products and the Road Ahead
My Fishwala offers a plethora of local fish to its customers including Tilapia, Bhetki, Bangladeshi Hilsa, Silver Pomfrets and Black Tiger prawns and others. It has 42 varieties of fish listed on its website. It also sells crabs and has included chicken too as they are in high-demands in and around Kolkata. Along with HACCP, it also has FSSAI license.

My Fishwala has acquired a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point license that allows government officials to keep a close watch on the safety hazards, monitor the process of the business and check for the quality of the final products delivered to the customers. The company is reaching customers in large numbers through social media and digital marketing strategies. Although the company is focusing on B2C in the current times, it is endeavouring to leverage the B2B sector soon by offering fresh fish and meat to different restaurants. "Once the pandemic subsides, and our foundation is set strong, we would also venture into exports of seafood to foreign countries as we aimed earlier," says Sumant Lenka.