MyAnatomy: Empowering Talent Ecosystem Through Digital Talent Platforms

Chinmay Kumar Dash,CEOThe current Talent Demand-Supply equation in India is disrupted, and the availability of a potential Industry ready talent pool is widening. The employability and talent supply challenges among the talent ecosystem stakeholders are potential vs. placement, ability vs. availability, ranking vs. reach, quality vs. quantity, and requirements vs. resources.

MyAnatomy is engaged in creating a Digital Talent Platform that not only transforms the TalentScape but also emerging into a global market leader in Skill assessment and recruitment arena. Headquartered in Bengaluru & Incorporated in 2018 by Industry-academia thought leaders with 600 yrs of combined experience in technology, HR and L&D, MyAnatomy strives to create a talent ecosystem for sustainability through comprehensive platform-based services.

The organization's Digital Talent Platform `MATCH' converges and transforms the TalentScape by integrating, aggregating, and amalgamating Talent-Demand Vs. Source-Supply equation wherein MATCH is a culmination of Sourcing, AI-empowered Assessment, Recruitment Automation, On-boarding, Training, and a host of other Talent Management platforms as per the Industry and academia needs.

In three years in the skill assessment industry, the organization had a steady growth in building trust and customer acquisition from the corporate, institutional, and student community. This growth was successfully acquired with more than 150 clients from the corporate sector, and 3000 plus Techno management Institutions registered along with half a million candidate sign-ups on its digital platform.

MyAnatomy is currently serving more than 150 corporates across India, including many startups, mid-level, and top MNCs. "Security, Scalalibility, need based product customization, customer support are key parameters of our success and consistent growth," says Chimay Kumar Dash, CEO, MyAnatomy.

The intelligent tech-driven assessment software with dedicated subject matter expert team and 1.5 lac plus unique and customizable question repository across 250+
skill areas ensures high standard test template design and skill evaluation with gamification.

The company's platform is highly scalable, handling millions of data points and conducting thousands of assessments simultaneously at ease. MAPIT- AI empowered assessment platform ensures the integrity and reliability of virtual exams with pre-configured advanced cheating prevention techniques embedded with facial recognition and data security and a dedicated round the clock support team. MyAnatomy has successfully conducted 1 Lac plus high volume assessments in a single day and over 2 million evaluations till date.

MyAnatomy hosts National Competence Evaluation Test (N.C.E.T) a pre-employability & scientifically designed skill evaluation test to assess and connect half a million students PAN India every year through a standardized test to check 360 degree persona via Aptitude, Logical, Verbal, Psychometric, Behavioural & Coding efficiencies of the candidates. This helps the corporates to identify the best from a pre-assessed pool of talents irrespective of the institutional ranking or demographics, Hence supporting each and every potential candidate to bag their dream job and kick start their professional career.

Myanatomy is currently serving more than 150 corporates across India, including many startups, mid-level, and top MNCS

At the same time this score helps the institutions/universities to identify the skill-gap and drives them to redesign an industry ready training & academic programs to reskill the candidates making them job ready.

In the current scenario, when the world is going virtual, many of the leading Universities and schools are opting MAPIT's Online Examination Tool to connect, collaborate and conduct their semester, unit and internal exams virtually at ease.

Along with bringing out new and advanced features improving the user experience of the existing platform-based services, MyAnatomy's goal is to bring a 360-degree skill enhancement and employment program for the student community available on the platform.

With a roadmap to provide better user experience and user engagement for day to day professional requirements, MyAnatomy aims to create a talent marketplace for enhancing on-boarding Management systems virtually.

With a motive to improve the employability quotient, our mission is to be an Equal Opportunity Enabler levelling the opportunity landscape for talent transformation.