Separator Healthy Food from Farm to Home

Healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are free of fertilizers & pesticides. Amidst this ever-changing food trends and increasing consciousness on health, the millennials are grabbing organic food. With this, food products that are directly from the farm have become a sensation. Observing such immense positive actions taking place in the sector, Senthil Kumar Babu ventured to set up a benchmark for the no-fertilizer era and make healthy, farm-fresh food reach consumer's doorstep with no efforts.

The Bright Side
Founded in the year 2013, the company has become a key player in the eCommerce segment that retails organic food. At present, the establishment is transformed into a one-stop-shop that serves customers in and around, Chennai. The service portfolio of the organization includes a wide range of offerings that cater to the varied requirements of customers. It furnishes end-to-end organic needs, including Grocery, Millet, Oil, Garden & Nursery - Vegetables, Flower, Herbal, Tree, etc. Now, it has marked its presence as Rice Wholesaler, Organic Product Dealer, Organic Food Retailer, Groundnut Oil Retailer, Organic Cow Ghee Manufacturer, Organic Bread Manufacturer, Organic Broccoli Manufacturer, Organic Brown Rice Manufacturer, and more. stands out as a prolific organization with its amazing initiatives that support the farmers. Its activities include Natural Farming, Native Seed Conservation, Natural Farming Workshop & Training, Natural Farming Design (based on 5 elements & 5 Land scape model), Integrated Farming & Value, Multi Agro Units development as community farming, Natural Food Product Marketing-Farm to Home, Chennai Green Commune - Urban farming, Urban Forestry, Traditional Paddy (Save our Rice), Village Empowerment Engagement by develop community farming in every 50 KM radius ( complete end-to-end guidance ie., seeds to sales)
MyOrganicShop is an online organic food selling wing under the company Surabi. "Our other wings are ChennaiGreenCommune. org(Urban Farming Group - Become Urban Farmer in Concrete Jungle). The initiative is a Smart Farming Solution/Remote Irrigation is a special project for farmer revenue empowerment and to provide health protein rich farm fresh Mushroom to consumer. Agro-based Entrepreneur Development Program helps to be a successful entrepreneur by supporting from Farm design to Marketing. We have a great dream to support farmers and respect them as the most valuable citizens. I would like to achieve my vision by working for agriculture, farmers, economic & societal benefits by leveraging the potential of technology, says Senthil Kumar Babu, Founder. aims to contribute major funds for the economy while being concerned about providing healthy, tasty, and fresh foods to the customer

The High-performing Team
The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as products and services has helped this establishment to garner a vast base of buyers, which continues to grow every day. The organization on-boards individuals who are dedicated to their respective roles and puts a lot of effort to achieve the common vision & larger goals of the company. The team members are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They are readily available for the consumers and work beyond job definition.

The company promotes the concept `Food is Medicine' and strives to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. "We focus on making the organic products reach people and assist better health among them," he mentions.

The Days Ahead
While being recognized for its top-notch products and best customer services, is witnessing tremendous growth over the years. It looks forward to expanding its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base. The company aims to contribute major funds for the economy while being concerned about providing healthy, tasty, and fresh foods to the customer.