NatureLand Organics: Supplying Quality Organic Products from Farm to Fork

Ajeet Godara & Arvind Godara,Founders & Directors

Ajeet Godara & Arvind Godara

Founders & Directors

Organic food demand has doubled over the last decade, but organic farming hasn’t kept pace. According to World of Organic Agriculture 2018 report, India is home to 30 percent of the total organic producers in the world, but accounts for just 2.59 percent (1.5 million hectares) of the total organic cultivation area of 57.8 million hectares. However, it was also perceived that most organic farmers struggling with poor policy measures, rising input costs and limited market are finding it extremely difficult to access the domestic and global supply chain. And in case they are able to reach the produce to the market, consumers find them quite expensive.

Eliminating this paucity of organic food supply chain is NatureLand Organics that was incepted in 1999. The company is creating a direct link between organic producers and end customers by eliminating the middlemen, thus saving huge on cost. NatureLand caters to the new age customers by providing them a complete range of best quality organic products at an affordable price. It deals in cereals, dry fruits, flour, juice, powder, oils, pulses, spices and others, apart from NatureLand Organics Desi Ghee, Dry Fruits and much more.

Quality – A Top Priority
Observing the high standards of food safety and hygiene, NatureLand ensures to
manufacture quality organic products from the produce, enumerating the nutritional value. The organic produce passes through several tests to check for 186 pesticides. Utilizing its dedicated in-house laboratory operated by its fullfledged quality assurance professionals, NatureLand guarantees an escape from full range of potential hazards – physical, chemical and biological, including extraneous matter, moisture, bulk density, granulation, E.coli, salmonella, platelet counts, pesticide, a flatoxins and more. Apart from this, it also has NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed laboratories on board like Europhins, Environocare, Microchem Silliker, TUV and others through which it gets the lab tests done like PR residual test, as and when required.

Observing the high standards of food safety and hygiene, NatureLand ensures to manufacture the quality organic products from the produce, enumerating the nutritional value

Further, NatureLand’s organic farms, processes and products are certified by SGS India Organic as per the National Organic Program (NOP) for the US market, and National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) for Indian market. Besides possessing requisite food safety and export licences, the company is also EU, BRC, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, FSMS, HACCP and GMP certified followed by many others. Monitoring and controlling quality end–to-end through a robust system, right from the choice of seeds best suited to the unique conditions of each farm, to prompt customer service and accurate delivery of every order, NatureLand prompts a quality service. The farmers at NatureLand are trained through workshops and training programs delivered by the staff members at the ground level. Also, through its farm traceability intervention, a way to get an idea of its produce quality, origination and much more, NatureLand attracts huge customer band, allowing them to track the progress of NatureLand farms and farmers.

NatureLand has been growing exponentially, sharing & creating awareness(running camps and others) about organic food and generating demand by promoting the brand and products over digital and offline platforms among farmers and new age customers. Also, it plans to expand further by adding varied and improved sales mediums, reaching populace across the globe. “We are contributing to the growing awareness of organic product consumption by propagating its advantages and future benefits through varied marketing channels,” avers Ajeet Godara & Arvind Godara, Founders & Directors, NautreLand.