Navitas LED: Lighting Industrial Spaces with Innovation & Long Lasting Luminescence

Suhas Kulkarni, Managing Director

Suhas Kulkarni, Managing Director

After the primitive discovery of fire as light, lighting solutions have walked a long way, illuminating innovation, and developments. From oil lamps being lit-up at open workplaces to Edison’s light bulb brightening confined spaces, smart LEDs today are blazing light across the industrial sector and are optimally utilized for heavy-duty lighting applications. Anticipated to become $2.5 billion industry by 2023, industrial lighting market is subjected to significant gains, states a global market report. Progressing akin to this momentum, Navitas LED stands tall as an efficient lighting conglomerate brightening domestic, industrial and institutional spaces with niche products such as confined space lights, disaster management lights, and studio/video lights.

Under the aegis of Suhas Kulkarni (Managing Director), 2013-founded Navitas offers a suite of LED products that are specifically designed for efficient heat dissipation and maintaining LED junction temp below rated value, which results in product’s unmatched lifespan and superior light quality. Designed to be electrically and mechanically robust, Navitas’ lights withstand wide-ranging voltage fluctuations, power surges, inrush currents and ensure protection against adverse
electrical conditions. Hence, the company’s exceptional products, services, and maintenance allow industries and enterprises to focus on their work without wondering about lighting solutions.

"Our lighting products uniquely suit the application they are designed for and offer best light output per watt"

Illuminating Power Performance
Elucidating on Navitas’unique proposition, Suhas asserts, “Our lighting products uniquely suit the application they are designed for and offer best light output per watt. We continuously strive to keep the long-term ownership costs of our products the least per watt. This is what our potential customers care about the most”. Navitas’ flagship industrial LED product Highbay Light–BHASKAR features thermal characteristics and heat dissipation attributes along with electrical and mechanical robustness, making it an ideal replacement for conventional lights. The company customizes street lights as per road/area requirements and provides an IoT option for the light control system. For maintenance work in confined spaces where there are limited or restricted means for continuous occupancy, Navitas’ confined space lighting luminaries comes-in as a handy product that is efficiently designed on 24V AC Supply. Be it tanks, vessels, silos or tunnels, Navitas lights brightens-up all.

The only manufacturer of balloon lights in India, Navitas’ specialized balloon lights are high-intensity lights that are mounted at a height on the stand, diffused by translucent fabric balloon. As these lights can be powered by inverters and generators at the remote locations and very effective and efficient for area lighting, balloon
lights are highly used in night railroad construction, disaster management, and public security applications. Also, one can use these lights in motion picture industry Navitas also provides one of the brightest studio/video lights for media industry which are flicker free to make them best suited for all type of cameras. Alongside, the company owns expertise in embedded systems for adding value (such as software colour changing, dimming, sensors usage & automation) to its existing product line.

Technological Integration with Innovation
Headquartered in Nagpur with a presence in Noida, Navitas adheres to industrial quality certifications, including CE, RoHS, LM79 and LM80. While its products offer manufacturing warranty of up to five years, Navitas’ street lights conform to Indian Standard IS 10322 (Part5/Sec3): 2012. Blazing such potential, the company illumines top-tier organizations such as Maharashtra State Power Generation Company, Konecranes, Bhilai Engineering Corporation, Lok Biradari Prakalpa, Hemalkasa and Spacewood, amongst others.

Investing smartly in R&D department for continuous innovation through cutting-edge technology, Navitas is presently developing newer IoT based products for leveraging high growth active markets and plans to integrate them with behaviour patterns of today’s digital consumer. “We strive to achieve strong presence and commanding market share in heavy manufacturing industries and media & entertainment industry,” concludes Suhas, who has been honored with ‘Woman Entrepreneur Award’ by the State of Maharashtra.