NDT AND PWHT Solutions: Offering Unmatched Services to Cater the Requirements across Various Industries

N. Benny,Executive Director

N. Benny

Executive Director

I n the 21st Century, the market for non-destructive testing in India is projected to be the largest contributor to NDT Industry. It is presently the most popular NDT technical process with the ability to identify defects and accurately determine their severity. Some advanced techniques used in this industry can be used for critical applications in the oil and gas and aerospace industries, among many others. India is expected to become the world’s most industrially productive country as a result of the government’s (Make in India) initiative. In connection to this, companies that will provide the highest quality services will face increased inspection requirements in the future. Established in 2015, NDT AND PWHT Solutions is a PWHT service provider that conducts Metallurgical testing and NDT testing to cater for the requirements of various industries in across global.

NDT AND PWHT Solutions is an ISO 9001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2015 certified firm that has served more than 500 clients all over the globe. The company is doing an end-to-end inspection in the following methods ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing, radiography testing, eddy current testing, IRIS testing, MFL testing, NFL Testing, phased array ultrasonic testing, time of flight diffraction testing, post weld heat treatment, preheating, and many more. Starting with a small number of employees with exceptional skills, the company began
providing quality and promising services to its first clients. Later, the company began to grow and gain the trust of clients all over the world as a result of referrals and recommendations. The company started to expand and was able to gain the confidence of different clients across the world. To ensure the best quality service, NDT and PWHT Solutions has hired highly qualified and talented candidates for the job. During the procurement process, the company initially evaluates and discusses the pipelines and durability of a project extensively. These actions are cost effective and help to provide the clients with a high quality service.

Through referrals and recommendations, the company started to expand and was able to gain the trust of different clients across the world

'Unlike our competitors, we never back down from promises and client commitments,' says N. Benny, CEO of NDT AND PWHT Solutions Private Limited.

Standing Ahead of its Competitors
In the field of inspection, NDT AND PWHT Solutions entail technique innovations and operation simplification. Every process is researched and developed by the team working behind the scenes. On-time delivery and accurate output on the job are the notable remarks on the company from the clients. Implementing innovative techniques and unstoppable R&D are its ultimate USP. The company is also pretty determined on its RFQs. The company spends money and time validating and clarifying each RFQ. Further more, it always achieves in converting an RFQ into a business. Few clients in this service industry would be satisfied with its true inspection plans. However, the company never compromises on its work, even if it means charging clients for inspections.

NDT AND PWHT Solutions started to manufacture Vaccum Pump for the oil and gas industry. In the initial days, it struggled a lot to commercialize the product. But after a lot of planned initiatives, the company was successful to market its product. NDT AND PWHT Solutions implemented a coordinated customer engagement strategy that spans all digital and human channels. Its future marketing strategy is to align commercial resources around functional analyzing activities.

‘We will continue to strive to be the facility of choice by continuously improving our services and products,’concludes N. Benny, CEO, NDT AND PWHT Solutions.