Novus Green: Offering A Diverse Range Of Products To Create And Deliver Tailored Solar Power Solution

Anshuman Yenigalla,  Founder and MD

Anshuman Yenigalla

Founder and MD

The Indian Solar market holds immense potential for a country like India where most parts of the country receive 300 to 330 sunny days in a year, India receives solar energy equivalent to more than 5,000 Trillion kWh per year, which is far more than our total annual energy consumption. Our geographical locations, large population and with the Indian government offering great support, the industry has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years and is projected to grow further in the future. Set up with the motto to promote clean, robust and reliable solar photovoltaic technologies and systems and be at the forefront of a solar revolution in India is Novus Green. Set up in 2009, Novus Green offers complete EPC support to its clients from KW to MW sized projects. Coming with a decade of experience in the PV industry with major installations in solar irrigations pumps, Novus green believes that design is the most essential aspect of any power plant when it comes to its performance, quality and financial viability. With years of experience, Novus Green has expertise in designing solutions customized to its customers’ needs.

At the forefront of innovative PV technology development, Novus Green has a diverse range of leading edge products to create and deliver the ideal bespoke solar power solution for you Some of this include Grid Interactive Solar PV Plants, OffGrid Solar PV Plants, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Manufacturing of VFD’s, Control Panels & Home Lighting Systems and BOOT Model Solar Power Plants. Novus Green has been very active in adapting to the evergrowing needs of the PV industry and upgrading its products and services. The firm offers an integrated PV package, right from the design and consultation stage to the installation and performance monitoring for the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Innovation in Action
Novus in Latin means New or Innovative, true to its meaning, innovation seems to be the unique feature of Novus Green which is greatly reflected in the designs and materials being used by the firm. An ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified organization, Novus Green was the company to set up the first MW scaled captive power plant in India. Set up in Raipur, the 1MW power plant was
inaugurated by Dr. Farooq Abdullah the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2011. Novus also installed a solarpowered rooftop system of 500KW on Salarjung Museum, which is the largest solar rooftop system on any Museum in India and the second largest in the world. The firm offered an integrated PV package, from the design & consultation stage right through to installation and performance monitoring for the commercial, industrial and public sectors. While the project was very challenging, especially to install solar rooftop system on a heritage building, it was only possible because of Novus Green’s years of experience in installing several rooftop systems on different types and designs.

“Every project is a milestone for us. In the rooftop segment, every project is unique and we need to offer customized solutions. Dedication and commitment towards our customers has been a major contributor towards the company’s growth. Most importantly, it is the company’s knowledge on the dynamics of the PV market helped in taking key strategic decisions, product launches and design upgrades with the focus on quality have made this journey possible,” says Anshuman Yenigalla, Founder and MD, Novus Green Energy Systems.

With years’ of experience, novus green has expertise in designing solutions customized to its customers’ needs

Marching towards a Shiny India
Having supplied over 8000 pumps across India, Novus Green has its presence in over 14 states and it has also been awarded L1 in solar home lighting systems in Rajasthan and Telangana. The firm emphasizes its focus on offering an affordable system with the best quality. To further strengthen its control on quality, Novus Green is also coming up with a 500MW module manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The fullyautomated state-of-the-art module manufacturing capacity will be commissioned by the end of September.

“The key has always been our ability to offer quality products at an affordable price. Though the PV business in India has been a very price sensitive market, Novus Green has been able to bag repeat orders from most of its customers, solely based on its quality and after sales support. Novus Green has an inhouse O&M team, which offers its clients relentless support in ensuring that our power plants operate with the maximum uptime and highest generation,” speaks Anshuman Yenigalla.

Novus Green has been growing silently without making much noise and letting its projects speak for itself. The company will continue to add more feathers to its cap by taking up more challenging projects. The future seems bright and we will continue to grow with the market. “As mentioned previously, the rooftop segment is all about your ability to customize products based on design, space availability and local government policies. We are now keen on exploring the NorthEastern part of India and making our presence PAN India,” adds Anshuman Yenigalla. Novus Green is also venturing into energy storage and electric vehicle developments through its strategic associations with technology partners from Europe and China.