Nuberg EPC: Top-Notch Industrial Player In Project Engineering

Amit Tyagi,Managing Director

Amit Tyagi

Managing Director

India's engineering sector has witnessed remarkable growth over the last few years, driven by increased infrastructure and industrial production investment. We are a global EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company with over 90 percent of our business coming from outside India, therefore, this sentence is of less relevance.

On its quest to become a global superpower, the country has made significant strides towards developing its engineering sector. Turnover of the capital goods industry was estimated at US$ 92.00 billion in 2019 and is forecast to reach US$ 115.17 billion by 2025. The Indian engineering sector attracts immense interest from foreign players as it enjoys a comparative advantage in terms of manufacturing cost, technology and innovation.

Since the country's market has been evolving, the market players have also been thriving. There are many names that have made a significant position for themselves in the market. However, one name has distinguished itself from any other name of not only the Indian market but also the global market. It is Nuberg Engineering Ltd. It is one of India's leading manufacturers of Chemical Plants across Chemicals & Fertilizers, Energy & Infrastructure, Steel and Nuclear & Defence industries. It also happens to be one of the global EPC & LSTK companies that possess technical tie-ups with prestigious international companies.

Nuberg Engineering is divided into three primary businesses, EPC, heavy fabrication, and gas plants. The company has a dedicated group of professionals that are highly skilled and experienced in their particular fields. Leaders and employees of Nuberg are highly professional, which allows it to serve top-notch global customers. AK Tyagi, the CMD of Nuberg EPC, says, “We basically work as a single point solution company for turnkey projects from the concept to commissioning.”

Making Ideas Happen
The company was started back in 1996 as a company engaged only in PSA Nitrogen gas plants. It got its first breakthrough in the year 2000 when it set up Bangladesh's first private sector caustic soda project. AK claims, “Since the year 2000, the company has had a remarkable journey. At this point, Nuberg EPC happens to be the world's number one EPC Company for hydrogen peroxide, the world's number one EPC Company for calcium chloride, and the world's number two EPC company for caustic soda.” This portrays how significantly the company has grown.

Nuberg EPC has now achieved a level where it has become a full-fledged EPC company. The company has the potential to make any idea from its customers and transform it into reality. Unlike other companies of this genre, Nuberg EPC allows its customers to shape the products and services according to their preference and enables them to make their dream come true. Regarding the company's potential, AK claims, “We transform the customers' ideas into reality irrespective of their personal factors, be it their product, geography or any other factor. Typically, we take customer's idea and do EPC around that with technology tie-ups with global technology licensors. As an EPC company, it can do EPC around any product or any industry.” This is precisely what the company's motto is, making ideas happen!

Over time, the company has developed its own in-house technology for hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid. This is another massive milestone that the company has achieved in its journey. AK adds, “The hydrogen peroxide technology developed by us is a part of our R&D facility that we have in Sweden.” Hardly few companies in the world
possess this technology, and thus, it has been patented by us. This is how much evolution the company has faced over the years.

Differentiating Factors
The company employs more than 700 employees, out of which 300 are just engineers. Regarding this, AK states, “Engineering happens to be our greatest strength and also one of our USPs.” Nuberg EPC was worked for more than 32 countries and has delivered more than 60 international projects. Being exposed to so much diversity has helped the employees gain paramount experiences that have taken their knowledge and skills to the next level. Employee experience has always been a differentiating factor of the company.

Regarding the company's services, AK emphasizes EPC. He adds states, “Nuberg EPC's process design package consists of a feasibility study, technology know-how and conceptual design. The engineering package comes with a complete set of engineering from FEED l to basic to detailed engineering. In the procurement package, there is supplier-contractor management, expediting, and inspection. Lastly, in the construction package, there is construction and service management, installation of types of equipment, mechanical work, and safety enforcement.”

Nuberg EPC's world class manufacturing facility in Gujarat produced significant cost-efficient products for the clients located in different global regions, which is an exemplifying progress of Make in India for the World capability. During the pandemic, Nuberg EPC won 500 TPD sulphuric acid plant project in Egypt, green hydrogen plant in India and a hydrogen peroxide plant in Turkey.

Nuberg EPC's world class manufacturing facility in Gujarat produced significant cost-efficient products for the clients located in different global regions, which is an exemplifying progress of make in India for the world capability

"A few global clients in diverse sectors with whom we have been working are some of the leading names including Al Ghaith Industries (Abu Dhabi), Inovyn (Sweden), FLUODER (Paraguay), ADDAR (Saudi Arabia), Gulf Chlorine (Qatar), Union Chlorine (Abu Dhabi), DOSTEL (Turkey), Samuda Chemical Complex (Bangladesh), AGROCHEM (Egypt), SARL SASKO (Algeria), SCE Chemicals (Morocco), AMASSAS Co. (Ethiopia), Aditya Birla Chemicals (India), NCIC(Egypt), TCI Sanmar (Egypt), Oman Chlorine (Oman)," states AK Tyagi.

Becoming A Trustworthy EPC Company
AK says, “Since the company's job is based on the physical world, we had to face challenges from several directions.” The working process of Nuberg EPC is an integrated process that contains the roles of laborers, engineers, equipment, and technologies. One of the substantial challenges of the company was managing all the activities at the same time. The laborers used to work that needed supervision of the engineers physically. Engineers used to develop new ideas and techniques that required the usage of proper technologies, and adequate technology required installation of the latest instrument that arrived from different geographies.

Besides the fundamental challenges, the company also faced issues related to approvals, time management, managing all the activities and keeping sources together, cost management, and the last one is ensuring service quality. AK adds, “Sometimes our cost would go higher than our expectations, and then we had to bring it back down. Bringing the cost down was not the difficult part. The difficult part was bringing the cost down while keeping the quality high.” Nuberg EPC believes that product and service quality is something that could be used as a showcase for customers. Therefore, the company has always paid attention to keeping its service quality up to the mark no matter what. The best thing about Nuberg EPC's approach is its dedication to keeping moving.

The company has two primary strategies to sustain its employees' productivity. One is that it sends its employees to external centers to receive training. The other one is training them in the company's own center. It has an in-house training center that teaches people via online materials. The company keeps training its employees throughout the years via its in-house training platform. Thus, neither the employee productivity nor the employee experience ever decreases.

Future Prospects
When it comes to delivering excellence, Nuberg EPC does not back off at any cost. During the coronavirus situation, the company had to face some serious major issues regarding running its business. AK states, “We had a project in Egypt that started to seem almost impossible to complete, but we were not going to stop. We got in touch with several legal bodies such as the Embassy of India and Egypt. We had to take special permission to take our employees from India to Egypt, and we did it.” Nuberg EPC completed that project with true excellence like it always does. The company did not care about the extra mile it had to travel due to the pandemic. This clearly shows that the company could go to any level necessary when it comes to completing projects. That is how much commitment the company has to deliver.

Nuberg EPC believes green hydrogen is the future. The element can replace fuel, and that shows how significant it could be for the future. AK concludes, “A lot is going on in the world regarding green hydrogen, but in India, Nuberg EPC is at the forefront with capabilities and green projects under execution."