Nutri Bio Solutions: Developing Innovative Animal Feed Supplements Using Only Bio-Available Nutrients

Dr. Mahendra Beedkar,Managing Director

Dr. Mahendra Beedkar,
Managing Director

Major catastrophe in animal feed industry is the inadequacy of technical expertise about exact nutritional efficacy of feed/supplement, which drastically impacts cattle & poultry welfare. Carving-out a niche in the Animal Nutritional Segment with the objective of providing high-end technical expertise in nutrition, Nutri Bio Solutions provides high quality, cost-effective & innovative animal nutrition products through its state-of-the art, international manufacturing setup.

This Vadodara-based company develops new products considering important factors like environment conditions, raw material, prevalent deficiencies, diseases, region wise availability of soil minerals and customer needs. “We want to offer complete solution for developing, manufacturing & supplying specialized tailor-made products as per customer requirements. We emphasized on using multicoated vitamins that ensure protection against potency loss and also using only bio-available form of minerals for better absorption and results,” speaks Dr. Mahendra Beedkar, Managing Director, Nutri Bio Solutions. No wonder, this has helped the company win the International Business Excellence Award by International Study Circle (ISC).
"Nutri Bio intends to bridge the gap between scientific manufacturing & professional marketing with its research - based & innovative products packed as per customer’s batch-size requirement"

Incredible Manufacturing Facility
Established in 2003, Nutri Bio intends to bridge the gap between scientific manufacturing & professional marketing with its research-based & innovative products packed as per customer’s batch-size requirement, and dispatched through advanced software providing complete details along with every consignment. Today, probably the biggest manufacturer in Feed Additives sector in the country, the company sells its products in India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and several other nations. Nutri Bio’s products are manufactured using latest Nauta (Conical) blending system, air handling unit, fully untouched operations and a separate setup for powder & liquid premises, accessed by a technically qualified team. Advanced analytical equipment like binary HPLC, spectrophotometer, digital moisture analyzer, which can analyze all types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so on.

This state-of-the-art, highly flexible & environment-friendly manufacturing facility produces wide array of feed additives like vitamin & mineral premixes, toxin binders, Enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics & antibiotic combinations for poultry, cattle and aqua, in liquid & powder form. Nutri Bio manufactures customized premixes for various leading animal feed manufacturers, integrated poultry farms & hatcheries of India and overseas.
Nutri Bio also does contract manufacturing for veterinary multinationals like Pfizer Ltd., Zoetis Ltd., Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Globion Ltd., Frango India, Vets Pharma and many others. Starting from maintaining traceability of raw materials to finished products, regular international audits (for quality, environment health & safety), analysis of raw materials & finished goods, maintaining track of manufacturing, every process undergoes rigorous quality check measures before it reaches to end customers.

For the Noble Cause
This ISO 9001:2016 & WHO:GMP certified company invests heavily and developed a full-fledged ‘Research & Development Center,’ which will be soon approved by Government of India. Activities of R&D center involves own researched and unique products in animal nutrition sector, developing improvised manufacturing processes for products manufactured under contract manufacturing, and also to develop indigenous alternatives /import substitutes. Growing at an average of 58 percent for the last 15 years, the company invests a considerable amount of its profits to carry-out research for social interest. Detailed study of herbal ingredients, apart from conducting specialized research for application of cow urine & dung on Cancer & AIDS treatment, research on micro-encapsulation & nano-particles of minerals. Alongside, Nutri Bio has signed MOU with Agriculture Council of India to work closely for identification of skill development needs based on emerging technologies, trend analysis and development of National Occupational standards (NOS).